Naturally, if someone is not connected to their true-self, they won’t be able to express who they are. Nonetheless, if they don’t feel safe enough to express who they are, it won’t matter if they are connected to their true-self.

Considering this, it shows how imperative it is for someone to have a felt sense of safety; in other words, for them to feel safe in their own body. With this in place, they will be able to express who they are.

The Opposite

If, then, someone doesn’t have a felt sense of safety, it will be a challenge for them to express who they are. So, as they don’t feel safe, they are likely to be more concerned with what is going on externally than internally.

Focusing on others and behaving how they want them to behave and how they think they want them to behave, will be a way for them to settle themselves down. Whether they feel safe or not will be in the hands of others.

A Half-Life

Pleasing others might allow them to feel at ease, but it almost certainly won’t allow them to live a life that is in alignment with who they are. This can be a life where one has no real connection to what they are doing and is simply ‘going through the motions’.

If ever they do feel alive, it could be because they have allowed themselves to behave in a way that does reflect who they are. They may have a hobby that allows them to express themselves, if only for a short period of time each week.

An Artificial Experience

Then again, in general, they might only feel alive after they have consumed something. Thus, through drinking, eating or engaging in some kind of activity, they will be able to change their state.

Once this is over, they will most likely go back to living a life that doesn’t make their heart sing. Still, due to how long their life has been this way and as this can be what is ‘normal’, they might not even have the urge to do anything about it.

Stepping Back

Now, what would take place if a large part of humanity were in the same position as the person above? For one thing, not only would there be a lot of people who are looking towards their fellow human beings to provide them with the sense of safety that they lack, but they would also look higher up.

Said another way, they would look towards the system to keep them safe and secure. With there being so many people in this position, the people in power would attain a lot of power and have a lot of control over the citizenry.

Back To Reality

If one was to take a step back and to reflect on what is taking place in the world, they may soon realise that a large part of humanity is in this position. It could be clear that in a variety of different ways, so many people look towards the government or another entity to keep them safe.

When someone is in this position, something ‘out there’ will define whether or not they feel safe and secure. There is a chance that it hasn’t even occurred to them that there is another way for them to experience life.

An Unhealthy Dynamic

Through them being this way, along with most of their fellow citizens, it is not going to be a surprise if they live in a country that doesn’t have a lot of freedom. Over time, they will have traded their freedom for safety.

This is not to say that this has only taken place throughout their life as it will probably be something that has taken place over many, many generations. Therefore, just as an oak tree won’t have appeared overnight, their country won’t have ended up this way overnight either.

A Deeper Look

If someone doesn’t have an inner sense of safety, it is likely to show that they have experienced trauma. What this will have done is overwhelmed them and disrupted their inner sense of safety in the process, and thereby, set them up to look outside of themselves to feel safe.

This may have taken place during their adult life and/or it could be something that took place when they were a small child. If it goes back to their early years, they may have been traumatised on a regular basis.

An Overpowering Need

With this in mind, if millions and millions of people are in a traumatised state, there will be a strong collective need for something ‘out there’ to make everything better. When this need is not fully conscious, a large part of the citizenry can see themselves as victims of an oppressive government.

However, what is going on externally will be a manifestation of what is taking place inside the collective consciousness. If a large part of the citizenry developed an inner sense of safety and no longer outsourced this need, there would be no reason for an entity like this to exist.

Final Thoughts

What this emphasises is how important it is for someone to heal their own inner wounds. Not only will they be changing their consciousness by doing this, they will also be changing the collective consciousness.

The reason for this is that even though their ego-mind will cause them to see themselves as separate from everything and everything, this is just an illusion. This is why dealing with their own baggage will allow them to change the world.

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