To experience all the joys of cruising, from pool games to lavish dinners, you may have to wait for a while. Cruise services are temporality on halt. But, the good news is they are going to resume soon. Many cruise lines have already opened their booking lines and have reported a surge in bookings as compared to the previous year despite coronavirus disruptions.
No matter when cruising returns, you can expect sea changes post COVID-19. We are not trying to be a naysayer Nellie, but just trying to inform so that you come all prepared for your next cruise vacation. Let’s start with the list of what you might expect to see.
Changes in embarkation process
You might first have to complete a health questionnaire. There will be another screening procedure where your body temperatures will be measured. However, this is not a very useful precautionary measure to prevent asymptomatic or pre- symptomatic passengers from boarding. But, these procedures will be performed and it’s going to be time-consuming.
Also, cruise lines will ask every passenger to purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance might become an obligation post COVID-19. So, make sure you are covered, whether you purchase from the cruise line or from any insurer.
Cruise lines will come up with innovative ways to speed up embarkation procedures.
Expect to see robots
In order to speed up the boarding procedure, cruise lines are planning to introduce automation and robots. By automation, we do not just mean online registration and no-touch paperwork, but robots at various checkpoints that will scan your passport, swipe credit cards and also carry out tasks onboard like handing over cabin keys, carrying luggage, performing thermal screening, etc.
So, do not get surprised if you find robots accompanying you on your voyage. Keep soft copies of documents in mobile devices because hard copies and papers will be avoided in future.
More health protocols and sanitation
The hard-working room attendants prep the vessel for the next load of guests very fast. In future, a hasty wipe-down with the same wet mop from room to room is not going to work. Gloves also need to be changed at frequent intervals and disposed properly. You might also carry wipes to be extra cautious for remote controls, door knobs, light switches, elevators, gym equipment etc.
Only a limited number of passengers will be allowed to enter onboard entertainment venues at a time to avoid overcrowding.
Thorough sanitization of the whole ship is going to be a lengthy process than before.
Ticket prices will remain the same
As per experts, the sticker prices are not likely to change. In fact, many cruise lines might offer you discounts initially post COVID-19. But, there will be increased pricing for other add on items like specialty dining, beverage packages, and Wi-Fi connectivity since the ships will sail with reduced number of passengers.
Positive side
Cruise ship bookings for 2021 are already surging despite the global pandemic crisis. Many cruise lines have announced they will resume service by the end of summer. So, if you are all jazzed up about cruising, get prepared for the changes and ready to sail soon!

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Matt Higgins is a cruise expert and entrepreneur, who love sharing ideas about cruising. Here, he discusses a list of changes to expect while cruising post COVID-19.