Curie is a voice and touch-based telemedicine, patient management, and revenue generation platform. It is a secure cloud-based software that provides the complete digital infrastructure for clinics.
Many doctors and healthcare professionals are still skeptical about the possible role played by such IT partners in clinical practice and their benefits in improving the business.
What better way to understand these benefits than to get feedback from the Curie client themselves?! Read on to find out what some of the dentists using Curie have to say.

Arka Dentofacial Care
The clinical workflow between the doctor, nurse, and patient is precisely managed by the Curie Software. It has become an integral part of our daily clinical activities from appointment scheduling to inventory order management.

Pavi’s Dental Clinic
Curie Software has brought down the effort put into daily tasks by helping me manage my clinical operations seamlessly for the past 5 months. Being a dentist, an automated consent form helps me capture patient consent and hence adhere to IDA compliance.

Ambuja Dental Clinic
We are using the Curie Health App for more than a year. It has helped me to build a clinical workflow & systematically maintain patient history. We are also able to monitor our medical billing, expenses & staff attendance through the app provided. All these services have helped us to improve our overall efficiency. We would definitely recommend other dentists to try it.

Srivari Dental Clinic
Curie software is a wonderful product. I will definitely refer to all my colleagues. Curie is having a marvelous & enthusiastic team which provides continuous back-up. Cheers to the Curie team.

Mohit Dental Care
We are using Curie Software for the past 7 months. The main advantage of the software is that it can be customized based upon the need of the doctor. Curie team works effectively with periodic updates and they are always ready to help with any queries. We are happy with your software.
Our key features are well highlighted by these testimonials. To summarize, Curie ensures
• Easy and precise clinical work-flow between dentists, dental assistants/nurses, and patients.
• Easy appointment bookings.
• Clinical inventory maintenance and communication with vendors.
• In-built consent forms for every patient approved by the IDA.
• Digitalized medical records and secure cloud-based storage.
• Digitalized payments and billing.
• Management of staff attendance and duty rosters.
• Business analytics of clinical revenue and identification of revenue leakage.
• 24/7 client backup and support in addition to an in-built, error auto-detection, and correction software.
• An enthusiastic team that strives for client satisfaction and customization of selected services.
• Periodic software updates to improve performance and add new features.
• Easy visibility and identification of a Curie clinic on online databases.
• Advanced teleconsultation platform for easy connection and communication with new and existing patients.
• Regular pop up notifications to patients regarding appointments, offers, and other information, improving communication with patients and enhancing their retention.
• Overall support and assistance to focus on increasing patient base and clinic revenue.
If you haven’t signed up to Curie yet, download the Curie connect app from the android play store

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