Realizing the importance of an exceptional customer experience, every business strives hard to provide one.

But do all of them succeed in doing what that?

Well, not really!

The reason? They probably neglect one of the most important aspects of the customer experience improvement strategy- unrivaled customer service tools!

Strange but true!

Everything from customer retention to increased sales can be achieved if and only if the businesses invest in mandatory customer service tools. As 2018 begins, we have put up a list of the most advantageous customer support tools that every business should consider investing in!

Email helpdesk software:
Whenever a customer has a query, he/she can simply compose a mail explaining the entire issue and send it to a business’s customer support link. Thereafter, customer service representatives can take the time they need to deal with each query but there’s a timeframe they need to respond within!

Yes! As a matter of fact, customers expect their emails to be responded within six hours. That’s what the email helpdesk tools help a business with. These tools offer features like prioritization, macros, team collaboration, and tagging so as to empower the customer support teams, hence enhancing the service quality.

Live chat software:
Earlier, a live chat support just meant an instant query resolution through a customer-agent interaction in a chat window. Today, with the advancements in technology, there are a number of live chat platforms that offer functionality beyond simple communication.

Didn’t get it?

What I mean to say is, the live chat software today offer additional features such as co-browsing, video chat, CRM integration and more. All such features empower the live chat agents to know what pages and products the customer has already viewed. They further let the agents figure out the customers’ interests and preferences and thereafter provide an exceptional customer support

Self-service tools:
These tools can surely help your business to win some extra points!

The reason?

Customers today prefer solving their issues on their own and that’s exactly what these self-service tools help with. These tools allow the customers to reach your business even when your phone lines and live chat systems are offline.

This implies that the businesses should surely maintain self-service facilities like FAQ pages and informative knowledge bases so as to enhance customer service in 2018.

Social media customer support:
Social media has been a rage ever since its introduction. In fact, today, most of your customers are likely to reach out to your brand via your company’s social media account.

Since the marketing teams in every business realize this, they strive hard to build a presence on every social platform. But the problem is that the small businesses often find it difficult to manage all their social media accounts.

That’s where social media customer support software such as Sprout Social and Hootsuite come into play!

Want to be the customer service hero this year? Employ these tools and there you are!
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