Customer support trends undergo evolution with each passing year. Just like we saw live chat, artificial intelligence, chatbots and other such amazing advents transforming the customer support industry, several other trends will continue to enhance customer experience.

Here is a rundown of the latest customer support trends that will help keep your customers and target audience smiling in the coming year!

Speed will continue to affect customer support:

Nobody likes to wait. Especially when it comes to the website visitors, they require an instant query resolution. They do not want to be stuck until the businesses notice them. In fact, the business that answers and helps first is the one customers will probably buy from. This would continue to happen as the attention spans and patience levels of online customers would only diminish further. This further implies an increased demand of customer support tools that are capable of increasing the speed of service.

Customer data consolidation will rule customer service:

The modern era has seen the businesses moving towards customer centric approaches to make the customers happy. For the same reason, special attention is paid to customer data gathered through research and surveys. All this data is garnered through social media, surveys, live chat systems, and other such channels. The future trends suggest the consolidation of this valuable data using centralized dashboards so as to provide a tailored experience to the customers and woo them.

Integrating chatbots with messaging apps:

The latest trends suggest that the businesses will continue to leverage the messaging apps like Whatsapp, FB messenger etc. The trends further suggest an integration of these messaging apps with chatbots. Since these apps are extremely popular and the users are comfortable using them, it’s imperative people prefer them to receive support from the customer service teams. Messaging offers a higher quality service as it helps build a permanent link with the customer. When integrated with chatbots, these apps would take customer service a step further.

Video chats will continue to be customers’ favourite:

Personalization will continue to be one of the greatest trends in the coming year. As a result customers will remain inclined towards digital meetings with the live chat agents. They’ll prefer video chats over phone calls so as to understand the problem resolving procedures in a better way. In fact, according to a research, 20% of the global 500 companies will be using video chat to provide an exceptional customer support by 2018.

Keep up with the latest trends in customer service and be your customers’ favourite!

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