Generally, the Data entry companies are having years of experience in professional data acquisition and capacity, even very large input quantities can be processed reliably, safely and quickly within a short time. All data is collected and tested according to the four-eye principle.

The collection and verification of the data of different data typists are obligatory in data entry services. The type of data transfer usually takes place via Secure File Transfer Protocol / SFTP, e-mail, CD-R or DVD-R. The most common output formats for importing data for a third-party system include Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), Microsoft Access (.mdb), XML, as well as .txt and .csv.

They distinguish three types of data collection

  • Manual data acquisition
  • Automated data collection
  • Online data entry
  • Manual capture according to the four-eye principle

In manual data acquisition - also called double detection - the data are recorded and checked purely manually (ie by hand). This classic and very secure method is basically suitable for all paper-based types of documents. It is nowadays used primarily for hard-to-read forms, mostly hand-filled forms (e.g., inventory lists, exam papers, sweepstakes, reply coupons, response cards, etc.), as well as rich-text (e.g., free-text questionnaires).

Thanks to the many years of experience of the data typists! They are able to record even large volumes on time. The high level of sensitivity and the timely delivery of the recorded and checked data require a maximum of professionalism, logistics, and flexibility.

Manual address entry with database support

Interestingly, a data entry company does this job! In this type of manual data acquisition, the data are also recorded purely manually (i.e. by hand). However, the data is checked directly during the collection by means of databases. This method is particularly suitable for address recording in competitions or participation and response collection for reply coupons.

In a raffle the handwritten addresses of the raffle tickets or reply coupons incl. E-mail address is to be entered. In the process, the first name and last name are checked for existing database entries directly on entry. If stored in the database, the salutation or gender can be determined immediately without additional data entry when the first name is entered.

After entering the postal code, all deposited places with the identical postal code are displayed and the correct place name can be adopted. Outsource Data Entry Services could play an essential role in this segment of data transfer service.

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