Fear is an important and useful human emotion. We all have it and it motivates us to be prepared and protect ourselves from an impending danger. Everyone knows how it feels to be afraid. Mild and reasonable fear is actually helpful, without fear you will not be careful or take the necessary actions to avoid danger. Without fear, you will not prepare for a job interview or you will not study for your school exams. Fear motivates us to strive harder and protect ourselves from danger.

When fear becomes a bad thing.

When you are controlled by fear, it is already a disorder. It is normal to be anxious while giving a speech in front of a huge crowd but it is not normal to worry days or weeks before the actual speech to the point that your fear is disabling you. Although fear is a basic human emotion, it can be a bad thing if it becomes irrational. Extreme irrational fear or anxiety can prevent a person from functioning normally in his or her everyday life. People with panic disorder suffer from an intense fear without a reasonable basis. A panic attack is accompanied by symptoms like trembling, sweating, increased heartbeat, chest pain, nausea, feeling of losing control or going crazy and feeling of unreality.

Fear or anxiety is a normal human emotion, so you cannot eliminate it but what you can do is to reduce its level to the point where it is no longer interferes with your life. Fear or anxiety no matter how intense, decreases over time but of course you need to know the best ways of dealing with irrational fear. It is important for you to know that anxiety or panic disorder is a treatable condition and there is help available.

Dealing with irrational fears

Seek professional help. Of course in dealing with irrational fear, it is best to seek professional help. A mental health doctor is trained to deal with people suffering from anxiety disorder. Psychotherapy and support groups can be very helpful. In severe cases where patients cannot deal with anxiety on their own, medications maybe recommended to address the chemical imbalance in the brain.

Change how you think. How you think affects how you feel. Negative thoughts can result to negative feelings like anxiety. The mind and the body are connected. Changing your thinking pattern will also change the way you feel. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a method that teaches sufferers to change their negative thoughts and their negative behavior which are the major causes of anxiety or panic attacks.

Face your fears. The common response to fear is to escape the feared situation or avoid the feared objects. If you are afraid of driving, you will avoid driving and if you are afraid of being the center of attention, you will probably avoid social situations. In dealing with irrational fear, it is important to learn how to confront or face your fears. You are aware that there is no logical basis for your fears so to overcome your fears, stop running from them and confront them.

Panic disorder is not a life threatening condition but it can greatly affect the quality of your life if left untreated. It is important to find a treatment that will work for you. If you want to find out how to defeat panic disorder using a revolutionary new technique visit Panic Disorder Freedom

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