Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a practice of using manual muscle-strength testing for medical diagnosis and a subsequent determination of prescribed therapy. It purportedly gives feedback on the functional status of the body.

AK is a practice within the realm of alternative medicine and is therefore different from "kinesiology," which is the scientific study of human movement. AK has been criticized on theoretical and empirical grounds, and characterized as pseudoscience. Although anecdotal evidence exists, a review of peer-reviewed studies concluded that the "evidence to date does not support the use of [AK] for the diagnosis of organic disease or pre/subclinical conditions."

AK draws together many similar therapies. It attempts an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to health care. George J. Goodheart, a chiropractor, originated AK in 1964. Subsequently, its use spread to other chiropractors, and a few physical therapists, dentists, and medical doctors. In 1976, the International College of Applied Kinesiology was founded.


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