Modern informational technologies world resides in a constant state of movement. Fresh-new developments and fascinating ideas are springing up with an enviable frequency. Today, we are going to talk further about the desktop PWA technology which stands for Progressive Web Applications. It isn’t exactly the newest development, PWA has been quite popular for at least the last few years. However, most of the benefits of these applications seem to be still omitted by the general public.

So, a progressive web application, or PWA for short, is a type of a website that has a range of functions and an appearance very similar to a mobile application. A user can save the application on their desktop and receive a push-notification from it just like on a smartphone. It also has the function to switch to the autonomous mode. A typical progressive web app works perfectly fine even without an internet connection. This new invention is capable of everything that a high-speed application can do, despite being able to be run in a normal web-browser.

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