It is not easy to understand Destiny 2 at first glance. You just have to ask Tomchoucrew to realize the complexity of the game for a novice in the world of Guardians and Traveler. So let's start smoothly, and that's good, this beginner's guide is just for that. Here you will find tips to get you started on the adventure. Below you can get more tips for Destiny 2 exotics.

Titans, Hunters, Arcanists, késkecé?
The first choice to make before starting Destiny 2 is to choose your class. Nothing too complicated here, we are far from a sharp RPG à la Elder Scrolls. Nevertheless, each of these three classes has its own little trick, both visually and on its gameplay. On the other hand, choosing between a Human, an Awakened and an Exo will be a purely cosmetic choice.

Each class has three doctrines (to be unlocked as you progress) which will give access to different skills and a unique Super. Grenades, melee attacks and special abilities will need to be recharged over time to be usable again.

With its various active and passive abilities, the Titan is perfect for taking hits and protecting its allies. It is also suitable for players preferring to play the nags in close combat. The following two doctrines will give access to other similar abilities, letting the player favor pure power or the protection of his allies.

Fast and precise, the hunter does not really have group skills (except on his third doctrine) and plays it rather lone wolf. It offers a CaC style on its first doctrine, then remotely on its second which favors precise shots.

Weapons and equipment
Destiny may well be a relatively complete RPG, but it does not forget its strong FPS gameplay by offering a hell of a bundle (to say the least) of weapons of all kinds. They are divided into several categories which all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and one weapon theoretically less powerful than another can be more effective depending on the player who handles it.

It is possible to carry three weapons simultaneously: a main, a secondary and a powerful. Each of these three slots is very specific and cannot accommodate any type of weapon. We also note that changes have been made compared to the first episode, it will no longer be possible to use a sniper rifle as a secondary weapon for example.

Elemental attacks my dear Watson
Just like fire against ice enemies in an RPG, Destiny 2 has three types of things to keep in mind, since they will protect the majority of powerful enemies that you will encounter. But unlike many RPGs, the elements present here are only found on your offensive capacity (weapons and doctrine). We therefore forget a possible fire-resistant faceplate.

Yes but what do I do now with all this?
The main campaign of Destiny 2 is one thing, the various activities that can be found are another. Like the first episode, this second opus is scheduled to last at least two years, the main adventure is therefore only the submerged part of the iceberg.

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