Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce website which encourages retailers and store owners to sell their goods through the digital media. It is one of the most popular e-commerce destinations allowing local sellers to connect with buyers in big markets like China, UK, USA, Canada and Australia.
Although it’s the new kid on the block, it has already made the right noises in the market and is capable of holding its own with the big players like Amazon marketplace, facebook marketplace and others.
Many of you from the seller community must have heard o shopify and must be selling from your online store. There is something you are missing out, that thing is selling through multiple store on shopify. This article will speak about the advantages of multiple store and the challenges that need to be overcome while running multiple stores. So ladies and gentlemen fasten your seatbelts and let’s get started!

Five tools to help you run multiple stores.
1. Stitch lab.
Stitch labs are reliable software to help you manage the products and inventory on multiple stores and help you prevent mix-up and confusions. This management helps your brand to scale-up and return huge profits. You deliver and take orders as per your needs and capability and can easily take control of your store, also any discrepancy and return of goods from the customer can be handled. In simple terms this software keeps tracks of all the product related activities in your store.
2. nChannel.
nChannel is a simple cloud-based data-management tool that works in tandem with Stitch lab. All the data generated by Stitch lab is maintained on cloud servers by nChannel.
3. Rewind.
Sometimes managing multiples stores can be a hectic task, after all we are humans and as Alexander Pope said “ to err is human, but to forgive is divine”, while modifying store data we might be wanting to modify one store’s data and end up doing it for the wrong one. This little mistake can rob you of at least 3-4 hours in order to undo it. Rewind helps you avoid just that, it keeps a daily back-up of all store-front modifications, which allows you to restore any modifications made by you and your team. Another situation where backups can come handy is when you use application version of your e-commerce platform which may crash or encounter some sort of issue. This is just the tip of the iceberg many other factors are involved which can go wrong!
4. Veeqo.
Veeqo is an application which maintains the display of products available or sold out on the store-front helping the customers know about the stock details. Because if a particular product is available in the inventory but it is listed as sold out it can cause huge amount of losses.
Tools provided by Shopify.
Here is a list of in-built tools provided by Shopify to help store owners grow.
1.Slogan maker.
This shopify tool helps you create catchy slogans during a product launch campaign or festive sale to grab the consumer’s attention.
No need to hire costly logo designers or freelancers, Shopify provides you with the right tools and guidance to convert your business idea into a logo!
3.Name generator.
Unsure about what to call your store, Shopify has an answer for that as well! Name generator tool helps you come up with a name aptly describing your business.

Advantages of multiple online store-fronts.
In this section we look at some advantages of having multiple e-commerce stores.
1.Helps you go global.
As an e-commerce retailer if you look to go global or expand your business’ reach, multiple store-front is the answer to your dreams. You can create different stores catering to the demands of a particular region, which will allow you to reach a wider customer base and also keep the customers satisfied by making one store focus on one particular region.
2.Business expansion.
Multiple storefronts allow you to expand your business, for example you sell sneaker and you want to expand to sell cool hoodies, you can dedicate one store front to focus solely on hoodies and the other focuses on sneakers.

Challenges to overcome while managing multiple store-fronts.

Every rose has some thorns; same is the case with having multiple online-storefronts.
Multiple stores means multiple product generation records, it becomes a challenge to maintain a record of goods ready in your inventory, because any mismanagement can lead to losses.

Orders from all the sites have to be managed individually, return or issues faced by customers will be divided into different channels which increases the complexity of the task, a proper database of the same must be managed.

As all good things come to an end, so has our article. We hope this article will help you start your multiple store-front business on Shopify and other platforms.

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As all good things come to an end, so has our article. We hope this article will help you start your multiple store-front business on Shopify and other platforms.