Self confidence is a positive emotion which allows people to function at their best in difficult circumstances. Self confidence is allied to define goals, sound plans and accurate knowledge. All of which may be combined inside your brain to create an irresistible force.

A lack of self confidence might be enough to cause a person to fail, even if all the other factors are present. You might know a person with, Talent, Education and a Good Character but they may still not achieve their goals because they lack self confidence.

How can you develop self confidence where it does not already exist? The first thing to do is to put into place all the positive elements. The positive elements are as follows:

  • Study
  • A Sound Written Plan
  • Positive Self Talk
  • Positive Associations
  • First of all study. If you have the knowledge that is applicable to your situation, it is easier for you to feel confident. If you do NOT know your stuff, how can you expect to feel confident? In order to gain confidence: STUDY. This involves studying books, people and the proposal in depth.

    If “knowledge is power” and knowledge comes as a result of study then surely “Study is Power”.

    Secondly, confidence is supported by written plans. Trying to make things up on the run is not conducive to high levels of confidence. Therefore the best plan is to have a written plan. Stop. Sit down, pull out a pen and start planning your next moves on paper. Once you have a good written plan, you will feel more confident, guaranteed. Try and use it as a guide and stick to it.

    Thirdly, positive self talk. Self talk is the ongoing monologue that takes place in your mind as you describe to yourself your thoughts. In relation to the emotion of confidence, your thoughts about the issue are more important than the facts about the issue. If you think fear thoughts, you will feel fear emotions, irrespective of "the facts".

    Take control of your thoughts. Keep out fear thoughts such as “I haven’t got a clue what I am doing. This is bound to be a disaster!" Memorise the following sentence and say it to yourself over and over and over again.

    “ I have MORE than enough intelligence to overcome the inevitable problems that MUST come up as I move towards my successful outcome".

    Problems are inevitable, but confidence means being able to defeat all your problems with intelligent action.

    Fourthly, positive association. “Associations” here means, the people with whom you spend your time. Some people can suck the confidence out of you while others tend to lift you up. Therefore try to keep away from conversations with people who tend to make you feel pessimistic or stupid or incapable. As an alternative plan you can keep a close association with those people who tend to make you feel optimistic, intelligent, empowered and like a winner.

    To help improve your self confidence there are a number of Personal Development Training Courses aimed at developing confidence, personal communication and positive mental attitude.

    Author's Bio: 

    Chris Farmer is the founder of Corporate Coach Group and provides Personal Development Training for businesses in the UK.