Hair styling becomes enjoyable when hair is thick, strong, high-quality and healthy. Those with low-quality and thin hair often opt for hair extensions to beautify their locks. If you are one of those looking for the best human hair then first decide which hair type you need. There are various hair types and the right choice of hair extensions requires some knowledge about your own hair and other hair types. Today we'll speak about the specifications, similarities and differences between Brazilian and Malaysian hair.

What is virgin Brazilian hair?
What is virgin Malaysian hair?
What are the similarities between Brazilian and Malaysian hair?
What are the differences between Brazilian and Malaysian hair?
How to take care for hair extensions?

Virgin Brazilian Hair

Thus, Brazilian hair is one of the bests on the market. It has a great demand thanks to its quality and beauty. Virgin Brazilian Hair sparkles with healthy shine and comes with minimal shedding. It is strong enough and long-lasting to choose as extensions. Brazilian hair comes in several textures including body waves, curls and straight types. However, it holds curls extremely well and adds an incredible volume to your natural style. It is silky, soft and flexible enough to blend with other textures. You need to take proper care for it to make it last longer. Actually, virgin Brazilian hair is tangle-free and it should not be undergone chemical processes. Virgin Brazilian hair comes in natural dark brown color.

Virgin Malaysian Hair

As for virgin Malaysian hair, it is another trendy type of extensions. Thanks to its rich shine and voluminous texture, Malaysian hair looks very luxurious and attractive. It comes in straight, wavy and curly textures but many choose it for its full body waves and curls. Malaysian hair blends well with African American hair and other similar medium to course hair textures. You can restyle it with styling tools and products. Virgin Malaysian hair is naturally dark brown or black.

Similarities between Brazilian and Malaysian Hair

Like Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair is also soft and silky. They are both shiny and strong. These hair types don't need additional styling techniques to hold curls. They are always luscious and voluminous in curly styles. Just wash and let them dry to see the true beauty of Brazilian and Malaysian hair. The care for both textures is the same. You should use wide tooth comb for combing and hair oils for additional shine. You must also pay attention to proper washing and use high-quality products. As for styling, they both require low-heat styling tools and little styling products.

Differences between Brazilian and Malaysian Hair

Compared to Brazilian hair Malaysian hair is silkier and shinier. It is heavier and thicker in its texture. Straight Brazilian hair is takes well to heat and styling. It is quite durable in humidity when styled and cared properly. It is very silky and smooth with awesome softness and full body. You can choose Brazilian to make lace wigs and sew for Malaysian straight hair, it is not super straight. This hair comes with slightly noticeable waves in its virgin textures but can be styled into silky and straight hairstyles with flat iron.
Brazilian curly hair is durable and very bouncy. It blends well with Afro-Caribbean hair types. Brazilian curls hold well in heat and humidity. Malaysian curls, on the other hand, come with tighter curl pattern. If you are looking for is thicker and coarser extensions then make your choice between then Brazilian hair types. In case, you want softer and wavier hair, you may consider rocking Malaysian hair extensions. In fact, the differences between Brazilian and Malaysian hair are just a few and your choice is not that hard if you want to make it between these two types. They are the best extensions on the market and you'll make a good decision, no matter which one you choose.

Care for Malaysian Hair Bundles

Now, as you already have Malaysian Hair Bundles you must know how to take care for it to make it last as long as possible. A lot depends on your care and styling approaches towards your extensions. If you do it right then you'll save the quality of extensions. When it comes to Brazilian and Malaysian hair, the wearer should take care of both textures according to their demand because every hair type has its specifications and requests. To help soften and detangle, use sulfate-free shampoo and don't forget about conditioning. Avoid sleeping on wet hair and always make sure it is dry before bedtime. Gently brush and detangle it with wide tooth comb and use essential hair oils for extra shine. Try to be careful with heat tools and set them on low level not to damage hair. Bleach or dye only if you really want to change your hair color. Luckily Brazilian and Malaysian hair hold other hair colors well despite their natural darkness.

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