Ottomans are surprisingly diverse units of the living room, with a diverse range of shapes, sizes and designs to choose from. They are the furniture pieces which can be used as footstools, coffee table, storage, and extra seating. Stools and ottomans are the hidden gems that are designed to provide a statement in the middle of the room. They are a form of a couch that consists of an upholstered, padded cushions and has neither a back nor arms and came into existence from furnishing practices in the Ottomans Empire. So have a look at various types of this fun and functional piece of furniture to add a life and luxurious look to the living room.

1. Standard Ottoman: Traditional Ottoman design features a cushioned surface over a robust and sturdy base, in square or rectangle shape. Whether leather, fabric or synthetic upholstered, this ottoman furniture is designed to serve the basic functionality with class and style.
2. Pouf: As the name suggest, pouffe ottomans and benches resemble a pouffe structure. They have innards of softer material without a solid skeleton and are not always spherical.
3. Cocktail: This type of small ottoman footstool is also known as coffee table ottoman. The feature that makes it unique is that it has a more table-like top upon which drinks and food can be placed. Also, some models of it come with a reversible cushion top, with a solid table on the other side, while others have trays that fit perfectly upon the surface.
4. Cube ottoman: The cube ottoman has gain exponential popularity in recent years due to its shape. This type of stool allows small or large stools to be stacked, re-purposed and arrange with freedom. These appear in colourful fabric and leather variants and often include hidden storage beneath the lid.
5. Square ottoman: Rectangular or square ottomans are the most common piece and allows wider space for feet to rest and often more storage option within an ottoman. These types can be found in standard cushion top or cocktail style.
6. Round ottomans: Round Ottomans for sale range the most in size, from basic pouffe designs for one person, to sprawling models meant as centrepieces for an array of furniture. The design is inviting and adaptable to many different living room configurations.
7. Oval Ottoman: The oval ottoman adds an air of luxury in the room.They are the visual and functional appealing vibrant and can accommodate more than one person at a time.
8. Velvet Ottoman: Velvet can add close-up textural detail that virtually no other material offers. They are typically used on fancier, expensive models. A large velvet upholstered ottoman can spice up a room or sit correctly at home, depending on surroundings.
9. Nested Ottomans: Nested small stools combine many useful aspects of several designs, including storage capacity, reconfigurability, and versatility of placement. They can be used for a large amount of storage, an array of separate pieces for feet, as a tablet dining and much more. The smaller pieces can be conveniently hidden away during everyday use.
10. Storage Ottoman: An ottoman with storage drawers or open lid functionality are the subtle combination of furniture. They allow space to keep remotes, unnecessary items, remotes, etc. Also, the drawer can be placed on an ottoman with high legs.

Ottomans are the most versatile and unique option among other furniture pieces in the living room.They are good looking and stylish couches. They can be placed anywhere in the house and can be used as a footstool, coffee table or a storage furniture. Whether you want something classic and chic or more modern and relaxed, they fulfil all the requirements. Stay organised with a colourful ottoman or get the footrest that makes a difference at the end of the day.

Styling your living room with a wrong shape ottoman will make your interior of the room look ugly. So do your homework well on the material, shape and design of ottomans before buying Ottoman online from India because they are the furniture pieces which can be paired with any living room furniture like sofas, a nest of tables or coffee table.A planned decision can give you a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

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