When it comes to newbies, the priority related to them is their safety at any cost.
And the one thing that keeps them safe from basically everything and where they spend most of their time, is a crib.
People always choose the monotonous designs of cribs that are available in the market for a long time.
But today, with the growing times, we need to think about all the points considering the baby’s safety and comfort level.
Therefore, an evolution in cribs has taken place with different types coming that provide all the essential facilities to the newborn.
If you search for baby cribs online, you’ll get all these different types there with a wide range of designs and patterns.

1. Cribs with trundle bed:
These types of cribs are designed to serve two kids at a time.
In these designs, the upper part can be used for the newborn and the one elder to him can adjust in the lower part.
Therefore, both the kids can share one piece of furniture to sleep with getting all the comfort they want.
Also, it is a kind of space-saving furniture as it a two-in-one bed that gives space for decorating other furniture too.

2. Cribs attached to the parent’s bed:
In these types of designs, the baby cot is attached to the parent’s bed which gives utmost safety to the baby.
The motto behind designing this one is that the parents can check on the baby quickly at any time of the night.
They’ll also feel content at heart if their child is near them in front of their eyes.

3. Cribs with storage:
These are the ones that come with a storage portion attached to them.
In that part, you can store all the toys and other accessories that are important for your baby.
In this way, when you'll need them, you won't have to search for them in the whole house as you'll know that all of them are stored in one place neatly.
If you search for baby cribs online, you’ll amazing designs with storage attached to them.

4. Hanging cribs:
These are the baby cots that hang from the wall so that you can give the baby a swing for making him sleep.
These can be decorated using flower beads or fairy lights.
You can wrap the fairy lights on the hanging rope and turn them at the time of night to create a beautiful visual impact for your kid.

5. Cribs with posters:
These cribs are used for hanging curtains for the baby to protect him from any kind of dust or insects.
You can create a beautiful canopy out of it so that it looks gorgeous in appeal.
Just for a suggestion, you can use white curtains as these create a calm and soothing environment with their serene white appearance.
Or you may take the one with baby design print on it as these are the prime choice for every set of parents around basically.
One more beautiful use of these posters on cribs is that they can be used to hang rotating or moving toys as babies get happy when they see something adorable like that.

Now that you are aware of all the varieties of cribs, I guess it'll be easy for you to pick the best one for your baby.
You can easily avail them if you search for baby cribs online.

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