As we as a whole know Selenium WebDriver is an apparatus which robotizes the program to emulate genuine client activities on the web. Selenium is a free open source testing device.

A portion of the difficulties with Selenium WebDriver are as per the following

I. We can't test windows application:

Selenium doesn't bolster windows based applications. It underpins just online applications.

ii. We can't test versatile applications:

We can test on any working framework and program on the work area utilizing selenium however we cannot bargain portable testing with selenium alone. In any case, there is an answer for this Selenium courses in Bangalore. You can utilize Appium to deal with iOS and Android local, versatile, and cross breed applications utilizing the WebDriver convention.

iii. Constrained detailing:

With selenium, you couldn't produce a decent report. However, there is a workaround. You can produce reports utilizing TestNG or Extent reports.

iv. Taking care of dynamic Elements:

A portion of the web components are dynamic in nature. On the off chance that a component's id is changing on each page stack then it bit dubious to deal with this in the ordinary way. We have to deal with the dynamic components with dynamic xpath or dynamic css selectors. Capacities like begins with, contains, closes with, and so forth., functions admirably to deal with dynamic articles.

v. Taking care of page stack:

A portion of the site pages are client particular. These client particular pages stack distinctive components relies upon the diverse client. At times a few components show up relies on the past activity. In the event that you pick a nation from nation dropdown then urban communities related that nation will stack in the urban areas dropdown. In runtime selenium content may not distinguish the component. To defeat this we have to utilize express holds up in the content to give the components enough time to stack and to recognize the component.

vi. Dealing with fly up windows:

Windows-based pops are a piece of the working framework. It's past selenium's capacities. We could utilize AutoIT to deal with the windows based popups.

vii. Dealing with captcha:

Dealing with captcha is a restriction in selenium. There are some outsider apparatuses to computerize captcha yet at the same time, we can't accomplish 100% outcomes.

The Selenium Server gives Selenium-RC usefulness, which is fundamentally utilized for Selenium 1.0 in reverse similarity.

Since WebDriver utilizes totally extraordinary innovation to associate with the programs, the Selenium Server isn't required. Selenium-WebDriver makes guide calls to the program utilizing every program's local help for robotization. Selenium-RC anyway requires the Selenium-Server to infuse JavaScript into the program and to then decipher messages from your test program's dialect particular Selenium customer library into orders that conjure the JavaScript orders which thus, robotize the AUT from inside the program. To put it plainly, in case you're utilizing Selenium-WebDriver, you needn't bother with the Selenium-Server.

Specialized Skills:-

Selenium, a utilitarian mechanization API which needs specialized abilities to computerize applications. Despite the fact that Selenium is a capable, free and open source apparatus, the time we put resources into learning and setup the improvement condition for mechanization would take months. In addition, it bolsters just electronic applications. To robotize portable applications, we have to coordinate Appium libraries to the structure. So only one out of every odd analyzer can computerize unless they have propelled coding aptitudes. Isn't this a disadvantage when we can't mechanize fundamental functionalities of an application without coding?

Record and Play on Popular Browsers and Mobile Apps:-
Test recording is the speediest route for clients to mechanize applications. Recognizing objects on applications is tedious and agonizing. It is even a bad dream to refresh them when applications are changed.

The hardest activity in mechanization is selenium training in Bangalore to plan a system fulfilling particular prerequisites of an application. These days Selenium with page-protest show, information driven system, and TestNG is picked as a mechanization arrangement by a significant number of us. There is nothing incorrectly to execute the structure yourself, however time and cost are the most critical variables to be considered.

Logging and Debugging:-

When we utilize Selenium systems we have to incorporate outsider libraries to put logs for investigating reason. Also, it's dependably a commonplace work to empower and handicap logs for each capacity and model. We don't have to compose any code further to put a few logs. This device has log watcher area where we can see the logs or we can likewise check them in the reports.

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