Looking for a Dining Table Set in Mumbai?

Calling dining table sets a social hub is an obvious thing, for it is the place where every individual of the home come together to enjoy their meals together.
Depending upon the number of individuals in the home, one can find the set of dining table and chairs that best suit his or her usage. That is the number of seats offered with a single set.

Also, the market offers dining tables sets that vary in their aesthetics. Dining tables also vary in the material they are made up of wood as well as metal options. Even in the material, the quality differs greatly, and the market offer variety in every quality.

Comfort level is another thing that differs. And similarly, there are a number of different aspects in which the dining table sets differ.

Making the buying of a dining table set in Mumbai convenient in Mumbai, I have presented a list of some of the purchasing tips.

Dining Table Set in Mumbai: A Buying Guide

Measuring the Dimensions of the Area

Different dining areas have different dining spaces. Keeping this in mind, the dining table sets are available in different sizes, despite the seating options being the same.
Measuring the area of the area where you are planning to keep your dining table set would let you buy the best fit for your area. Also, you can then customise the size as per your space.

Investing in Good Quality Material

The dining table sets are available in the market in a variety of different quality material. Both metal and wood quality of dining table sets are available in the market in a variety of different qualities.

Wooden tables are available in a variety of different qualities, which include MDF, plywood, and hardwoods. Hardwoods are best for a durable dining table set. These woods have sturdy grain strength that makes the dining table set durable and long lasting. It is, therefore, a smart choice to go for hardwood-made sets, for a dining table is something you buy for many years to come.

Checking the Aesthetics of the Set

The aesthetics of the dining tables sets vary greatly. The different designs also vary in their themes and shade of wood finish. It is better to go for dining table sets that best fit the interiors of your rooms. It is better to go for dining table aesthetics that best suits the interiors of your rooms.

Selecting the Right Comfort Level

The chairs and the tables that come along with the set are available in a variety of different comfort levels. Some of the chairs have an inclined backrest while some of the other designs have a comfortable cushioned backrest. As per your comfort level, you can choose the chair design that best suits you and your family.

Choosing the Seating Option in the Set

The different dinning table sets have different seating options. There are 2-seater, 4-seater, 6-seater, and 8-seater dining table set options. As per the requirement of your home, you can choose the option that best suits your requirement.

Deciding A Budget Limit

When you set an already pre-conceived budget for your dining table-set, you can make better choices regarding all other aspects.

Dining Table Sets with Extra Amenities

Bench-Like Design

This type of dining table set has a bench-like design, with three connected benches, with the middle one being at a raised height which serves as a table, while the other two as seats.

Extendable Table Design

This design of the dining table set has a table that extends in table-top area. The table can be pulled from the side or the ends, extending the area, thereby accommodating more people in less area.

Wall-Mounted Table Design

These designs have wall mounted tables. Most of the designs of this sort are two seater only.


Dining table sets in Mumbai are available in the market in a variety of different designs differing in different aspects. Following a buying guide would make the purchase of a dining table set in Mumbai easier. Also, there are different designs of dining table sets with extra amenities.

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