Are you suffering from social anxiety disorder and want to get rid of social phobia? Are these circumstances familiar to you?

  • You worry for days or weeks before an event that involves socializing with people.
  • You are very conscious in front of other people and always worried that you might do something embarrassing.
  • You find it hard to mingle with other people and make new friends.
  • You are extremely afraid that other people will judge you and usually stay away from places where there are other people.
  • You have physical symptoms like blushing, sweating, trembling, nausea, pounding heartbeat and difficulty talking.

Having the above mentioned symptoms of social phobia, a type of anxiety disorder can be very devastating. These symptoms can keep you from functioning normally on your everyday life and to make your life more normal you have to find the best ways to get rid of social phobia. Anxiety disorder is the most treatable mental condition and there is help available for you. Of course the first step in getting help is to consult your doctor or a mental health specialist and talk about your symptoms.

Your doctor may recommend medications, psychotherapy or the combination of both to get rid of social phobia. Medication is helpful to keep your symptoms under control. Antidepressants although created to treat depression are being used to treat anxiety disorder and can be very helpful to change the brain chemistry to make you calmer. It may take weeks before the drugs take effect and you maybe advised to take the drug continuously to make them work. You may also encounter side effects and it is important to talk about it to your doctor.

Aside from medication, psychotherapy can be very beneficial for people suffering from social anxiety disorder. It is important to talk to a certified psychiatrist if you want to get rid of social phobia. Your doctor can teach you the techniques on managing your social anxiety disorder. For instance, your therapist may use the exposure-based behavioral therapy where people with social phobia are exposed to feared situations without the urge to escape the given situation. CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is another psychotherapy that helps patients to change the way they think and react to feared situations.

Aside from medical treatments, natural remedies are also getting popular. If you are still suffering from social phobia despite of all the treatments you went through, do not lose hope because there are natural remedies to get rid of social phobia.

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