Let us first define what is success. The technical dictionary meaning of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It’s the most simplified definition of success. However, every human creates their own definition of success and the most socially accepted meaning of success is to achieve a dignified position in the society in which we live.
We are living in a very competitive world where everyone is expected to succeed in every aspect of life. We have been raised in a manner that we think we have to achieve all the luxuries that others have and this leads us to adopt certain challenges which are not required to be faced. Especially in India even now many families consider that successful career can be built only by studying and getting a renounced degree and not by pursuing your own skills.
The basis of our goals has been set by society and family. We seek inspiration from others to set our own goals without even considering what we want to do in life and where our happiness lies. And when we finally achieve our so called goals and start to live a successful life its then that we realize that we never wanted this kind of success. Somewhere we fail to understand that this success will be short term and in long run we finally have to settle where our heart lies.
The major reasons for dissatisfaction in our life is that we ignore our own voice and we try to mimic others. When we talk about successful leaders we only see their professional achievements and very conveniently ignore their personal space. Such leaders not only sustain their professional success but they also maintain their personal relations with same dedication.
The best way to find satisfaction in life is to count the non-materialistic achievements in your life. If you measure your success in terms of money, property, etc. then you will find yourself always dissatisfied in life.
People always tends to believe that achieving success is the sole way of being satisfied in life. It’s a myth. Our greed is never ending and so we can never be satisfied on materialistic achievements. Satisfaction is a state of mind that means it is the outcome of internal effort whereas success is the outcome of efforts. There are various factors like society, hard work, favourable & unfavourable situations which drives success but the only factor that drives satisfaction is acceptance of self.
Let us discuss what do you mean by acceptance of self. We have heard so many times that every individual have strength and weakness. We have learned to improve on our strength and eliminate our weakness but practically is it possible to eliminate the weakness? If a person is lazy you can still motivate him/her to work hard but what if the person have a low IQ? Can you make him/her intelligent?
There are certain circumstances beyond our control and the mere acceptance of such instances makes our life simpler. Firstly we need to identify the possible but hard and the impossible. Sometime the only medicine we need is to accept ourself the way we are. Girls try to loose weight, which is a good thing as it supports your health but there are certain cases where they cannot loose weight due hormone imbalances or any disease. We have grown up knowing that a person should have a well maintained body figure but we have never been told that it is alright to be yourself. We have learned that we need to look good to please others but we have not learned to please ourself.
There are certain key factors which may help you to accept yourself and gives you the feel of satisfaction.
1. List all your hobbies and if the list is below 5 then develop new one.
2. Make a to do list, not for your day to day activities but for the things you want to do atleast once in your life i.e bucketlist
3. Make a list of all the people close to your to heart, with whom you can share anything and everything.
4. Everyday note down a new thing you have learned during the day.
5. Make a note every time you meet a new person.
These are the small things that will make you realize that you are blesses to have so many good thing and people in your life. If you start counting your achievements that you have made for yourself that’s when you start loving yourself for what and who you are and this satisfaction will make you enjoy all your success story without any fear.

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Parinita is free lance writer