When you work with and support others, do you experience: Feeling drained? Do you desire them to "get better"? Do you take on one more client because there is no one else? Are you attached to them making progress?

When I first heard the expression Divinely Selfish- I experienced a lot of critical thoughts arising regarding its legitimacy in the world of healing and Practitioners of Healing Modalities.

As I traveled further in my own journey I realized that there was an important piece, a question I had not asked, I had not seen in my enthusiasm to serve, to help, to teach. In the process of caring for and supporting others, who is "at home" caring for me? I came to see that being Divinely Selfish is the foundation of giving value to myself. Being Divinely Selfish is not only actions such as getting my hair done, scheduling a manicure, or receiving a massage. Divinely Selfish is also about being willing to place my own well being first. To paraphrase one of my teachers- "If you do not care for yourself you will not be able to be present to care for others."

Divinely Selfish is about recognizing the importance of putting into my life time for those activities that nurture, and restore ME. Taking a walk, reading a book, keeping myself safe, recognizing when I require support, asking for what I require to maintain my sense of safety, harmony, health and energy. Being able to give honest yes and no to requests for my time, my attention, my energy.
Divinely Selfish is about nurturing my own integrity and my own congruency to support an authentic life.

I can be kind, I can be humble. I can be all those qualities and still embody the state of being- Divinely Selfish. In the Transcendental Rebirthing System¹ all certified trainers study, apply and embrace the Sacred Principles of an Honest Yes/an Honest No, Non Entanglement, No Rescue and No Excuses. These Sacred Principles become the foundation of both our mission of service to others and the journey to embody and manifest the best that we can be. They offer a platform on which to create my choices to be "Divinely Selfish"

To practice living from the state of being Divinely Selfish is to truly practice self care. It is to let go of victimization and the martyr: It is to recognize when the eternal paradigm of victim/persecutor/rescuer is in play; It is to become fully responsible for my state; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

¹ Transcendental Rebirthing System created and copyrighted by Ivonne Alexander

In that conscious choice, to be Divinely Selfish, I feel I am supporting myself to simultaneously hold a space of total clarity, no agenda and loving presence. When I am divinely selfish, I honor that I am present for myself and within myself and can hold the space of practitioner, witness, coach and support for my clients.

I am grateful for the tools of Conscious Breathing, Transcendental Rebirthing Principles and the transformative power of personal language which I use and am using even more with every day.

Do you desire to explore what it is to be Divinely Selfish? 3 Keys to Personal Freedom is my on-line course that integrates the tools of Conscious Breathing, Transcendental Rebirthing Principles and personal language development to create the opportunity to:

Linda Heller
Creator of 3 Keys to Personal Freedom an online course

Author's Bio: 

As a life coach, a Certified Breathworker, Transcendental Rebirthing Trainer and Jin Shin Jyutsu Practioner as well as a credentialed teacher and adjunct University Professor Linda brings a unique perspective and focus to her life work.

Linda has worked with thousands of parents to collaboratively develop education programs for their children. She supports teachers to develop curriculum and service options and coaches teachers to become even more effective and supportive with children.

She offers workshops locally and internationally where participants explore their use of personal language. Through this exploration they develop and practice new language that they take from their workshop experience and immediately apply to living each day more fully and developing loving and healthier personal relationships.

Linda shares a special passion for the integration the Power of Personal Language with T.R.’s Sacred Principles and Breathwork to support people who desire to live their lives in freedom and congruency and create new and even more loving connections with families, partners, clients and themselves.