Manifesting great change, physical wants and desires, health improvements, better relationships and so much more really can happen when you know the simple process required.
How do I know?
Because I speak from personal experience of being able to manifest wonderful change to my life and that really does include attracting real life physical objects too. You see about 20 years back I stumbled on something called a vision board, and that changed my life right round from merely going through the mundane, day by day, sort of process, to a life full of love, happiness and contentment.
Back then I never knew that this ‘thing’ I had stumbled on was actually called a vision board, but all I remember was that little by little, small improvements and gradual change started taking place. I was manifesting by using a vision board but at the time did not realise it.
Vision Boards Rule!
Fast forward 20 years and these days I now know almost everything there is to know about vision boards; I use one on a daily basis and I certainly have no complaints to make about my life, possessions, family, health or anything. I feel blessed!
What I eventually figured out was that by looking at the images I had pinned on my office wall, not on a vision board at that stage, I was drawn back to them throughout the day, and by doing that I gradually felt my emotions and inner thoughts starting to change. The images I was looking at made me feel good.
These days we now realize that without even knowing I was doing the first 2 stages of manifesting; creative visualization and creating a powerful emotion.
What I later went on to realise was that even looking at a picture of something like a garden shed cut out of a magazine made me want one; I wanted to replace my old garden shed with something like the one on my office wall. It was amazing! As time went by I really did get myself a new garden shed.
Manifesting really was happening but I still didn’t understand why. Of course I do now, and I would like to share with you very briefly what you need to do: No, what you HAVE to do, in order to make your own wants and dreams come true.
Do This and Manifesting Just Can’t Fail
You can see how I started, just by looking at beautiful images pinned to my office wall, and by doing that and becoming emotionally charged, that was enough to make me get off my rear end and do something about it!
That’s all manifesting really is – it’s as simple as ABC. Follow this simple process; and have real intent, emotion and purpose and you can’t fail;
• Think of what you really want in life
• Focus and concentrate on that ‘idea’
• Repeat these 2 steps of ‘wanting’ and ‘focusing’
• Feel really good and emotionally charged about your ‘idea’ or ‘want’
• Take positive action to make that ‘want’ happen
Already I can hear you saying, “That’s fine, but that’s what I’ve been doing and nothing happens. No matter how much I want something nothing seems to come my way. There is no such thing as the Law of Attraction and Manifesting”
I admit, I have over-simplified the process required for manifesting but space is short in this article and I don’t have time to go through every step that is required in exact detail. But take my word for this; the Law of Attraction really is real.. And manifesting really is possible; when you know how!

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