Do you have a vision reflecting what you want your life to look like this year? Do you have a vision for your life in general?

Have you ever stopped to consider what you want to experience in your life? Are you clear on what your life mission is? Do you know what goals you need to reach this year to get that much closer to your ideal life?

You may be reading this because:

  • You want to experience more success in your life.
  • You are now certain that the path in which your professional life is going is not the right one.
  • You are tired of just “getting by” and want to steer your career in the direction in which you want to go.
  • You understand that there is more to life than work and want to experience a greater quality of life.

Whether you want to achieve goals in your personal life or your professional life, you have complete power over whether you achieve these goals or not.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have available for success. Yet, the majority of us don’t know how to use it to its fullest potential.

Why is it that we allow our negative self-talk to rule our decisions and actions on a regular basis? Why do we allow our own mind to be our own worst enemy and biggest obstacle to our goals when it is the most powerful tool we have available to us?

So, what is a life vision?

A vision is very similar to a business plan. However, it is a plan for your whole life.
When you have a vision, you have a holistic plan in which you focus on each segment of your life and set up ways in which you will take your life to the next level, to its optimal potential, and to true personal and business success.

Having a vision is not the same thing as having a goal. A vision is a plan for the bigger picture of your life. It will be filled with goals as these goals will be the stepping stones to reaching your optimal life and vision. For example, if your vision is to have your own successful law practice, a goal that will work towards that vision is to graduate from law school, pass the Bar exam, find mentors that will help you along the way, learn marketing techniques, etc. If you want to become the Vice President of your company, you know you’ll have to do research on the specific criteria needed for the position and obtain the skills needed as you move towards the goal of being VP.

The Power of Having a Vision

Creating a vision of what you want your life to be is essential for achieving it. When you create a vision, you are clarifying to yourself what your optimal life looks like. That clarity is of utmost importance as it increases your success potential exponentially. The more details you use as part of your vision, the better. These details are information and gems of wisdom for yourself. They help you establish what is truly valuable and important to you. You learn what you will need to live a truly fulfilling life and what you no longer want in your life.

Having a vision gives you the power to take an inventory of each aspect of your life as it is at this very moment. Having this power enables you to create clear and consistent changes in your life. You are able to pin-point with preciseness what is missing in your life, what you would like more of, what you are happy with at the current moment, and what you would like to achieve for yourself in the near future.

Creating a vision of your optimal life is the most crucial step towards creating change, towards taking a hold of the wheel of the ship that is your life, and conducting it to the path that you want to take. It is directing all of your focus, energy, creativity, and aptitude to manifesting what you want to experience, see, and create in your life and business.

Author's Bio: 

Sonia Gallagher is an Executive Life Coach at Time for Life, LLC. She works with Lawyers, Business Owners, and Executives who are ready to be challenged and to reach new levels of Success through Balance. Together, they design systems to: 1. Improve time-management and business development, 2. Create work life balance in alignment with their desired lifestyle, and 3. Overcome limiting thoughts and behavior in the way of their personal and professional goals.

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