"The palace Puerh? It's all in 2020 now, and the Qing dynasty has already perished"

   "Is the palace Puerh the drink for the previous emperor only?"

   " Palace Puerh, how do we ordinary people drink?"

   "The palace Puerh, is this a gimmick?"

   "Is the palace Puerh more expensive?"

   It may be that I have watched more palace dramas. When I hear the palace Puerh, I will immediately make up the scenes in the palace. In our subconscious mind, once the word palace is applied, it is all precious. What's the matter with Puerh in the court?

According to historical records: "In February, the core is very thin and white, which is called the tip of the hair, as a tribute, and it is allowed to be sold by the people behind the tribute." This means that every time when the tea is picked, the first bud tip is made The tribute to the best tea was given to the court, and the rest was allowed to be opened like a folk. And this "very thin and white hair tip" is the legendary palace Puerh.

   In ancient times, the palace was a symbol of identity. In Puerh tea, it means the best quality. In modern times, the palace Puerh is a symbol of Puerh grade. People will divide the raw materials of Puerh tea according to the quality level: palace, special grade, one, three, five, seven, nine, a total of seven grades, the highest tenderness grade is the palace, and then lower.

   Until today, the same is true of the real palace Puerh. Palace Puerh means that the young shoots must reach more than 70%.

This is also the reason why the palace is expensive. The Puerh Palace is expensive not because it used to be tribute tea, but because of its quality. Imagine how many buds a tea tree has? It can be said that it is the most expensive part of the tea tree, can it be expensive? Secondly, it is difficult to make Puerh tea. Although there are many palace Puerh in the market, there are not many good products.

   Previously, only the royal aristocracy could drink a cup of authentic palace Puerh. It was difficult for others to see "Maid face".

   Nowadays, Puerh Palace is like "the former king swallows flew into the home of ordinary people."

  All in all, the palace Puerh is not a "gimmick" created by the merchants to sell, but a "tribute tea" in the true sense.
How does the palace Puerh brew better?

   Just remember that the ordinary Puerh tea takes 5 seconds to make soup, and the palace Puerh tea takes 3 seconds to make soup. Because the content of tea is leached relatively fast, it cannot come out according to the usual time for soup.

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