In the past it has been proven through observational studies that milk and other dairy causes acne. I have
personally experienced severe acne when drinking excess 2% and whole milk. This article is to give you ten quick tips how to avoid acne by moderating various dairy consumption. Try these ideas.

1.) Most people view yogurt as healthy and never think of it as an acne trigger. Yogurt can be positive if followed with portion control. It has many positive enzymes for your body. Understand that yogurt can increase acne growth.

2.) Cereal in combination with any milk can trigger acne growth. Try to eat exactly 1 cup or 1 serving recommended by the box. The problem being that most people eat 2-3 servings in one sitting.

3.) All milk can be negative for the skin but 2% and Whole Milk can be especially bad. The best choice for skin care is either skim or fat free milk.

4.) Heavy and dense block cheese of any variety can be harmful to your complexion. These cheese varieties usually contain full fat content and can lead to small patch breakouts.

5.) Try avoiding recipes with cream cheese or ricotta cheese. These recipes are worse when in combination with any kind of oil. The cheese soaks in the oil, butter and other fats transferring them to your skin.

6.) Soy Milk and other imitation milk can also produce acne and breakouts despite any healthy claims.

7.) Try using alternative salad dressing to Blue Cheese. Blue Cheese can slightly increase acne production compared to other leading brands.

8.) Avoid heavy whipped ice cream and any high calorie specialty flavors. The chocolate and fudge ripple flavors are among the worst of all. Eat vanilla if you must eat any ice cream.
All ice cream is bad for your skin but vanilla is the most non threatening to your complexion.

9.) Similarly sparingly drinking milkshakes or ice cream floats. High calorie drinks like soda contribute to acne growth as well.

10.)Finally. coffee drinkers limit the use of standard or flavor creamers.

By following these 10 simple ideas you can reduce acne growth through knowledge. A lot of these are dairy products we eat everyday as part of an unknowing daily routine. Now we can help control our complexion through a balanced diet and drug free lifestyle. Finally, good luck with your diet and your skin for the future.

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