Being a male it is important that you feel comfortable and happy with what your penis can do. However the society has been influencing many males that the way their penis should look like and should function that this has become an unhealthy competition.

Too often many males allow themselves to be ruled by what they think their penis should do or look like and so on. It impacts their self esteem in a big way. And a lot of fear has become part of this culture.

After all if your penis size is not measuring up with what society is projecting, then the self esteem of the male can be dashed. And he will try every trick in the book to change the shape of his penis so that it will match the projected expectation

The same applies for the number of orgasm he can produce in a short period of time. And let us not forget that the amount of semen that needs to be produced needs be very impressive otherwise there is something out of tune.

This obsession is not healthy and can be very damaging to the confidence of the male population.

If for one or other reason something needs to be changed in the way the penis is functioning or looks like then there are always solutions. There can be medical reasons however this is a separate issue and there is help available for this reason.

It is important to make peace with your penis since the obsession about not being happy with it you will give a very strong message to the subconscious mind that you reject the SELF and hence you are not good enough.

The subconscious mind takes this message exactly as you project it in your thoughts and talking. And once this is recorded it will do everything in its power to make sure that no matter what you are doing you will never feel good enough about yourself and your penis.

So what can you do when you would like your penis to be different?

1. Change your mindset and accept yourself as you are and send LOVE and gratitude to your penis

2. Then have daily visualizations about how you would like your penis to function and ask your penis in this quiet time how you can go about it.

3. Know that there are always solutions and as a result of this knowing you will be given the ideas about what is the right thing for you to do.

4. Last but not least there are many other ways however these steps can put you on the path to develop a positive and loving relationship with your penis.

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Helena Ederveen is an Associate Member Australasian College Nutritional & Environmental Medicine; Clinical Nutritionist; Certified Master Practitioner NLP & Advanced Practitioner Eriksonian Hypnosis; Counsellor. 25 Years Experience. Are You Serious About Discovering Your Own Individual Blueprint Of Health? Free "Health Blueprint" Assessment.

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