The importance of prostate to male health is self-evident. But this organ is very fragile. If it is injured, it will cause prostatitis and other diseases, and reduce the quality of life of men. For prostatitis, people can take safe and effective medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment.

Besides, here are seven ways to protect the prostate and prevent prostatitis. Men are advised to act quickly!

1. Do not sit for a long time

The inactive state is easy to compress the prostate, affects the blood circulation and causes chronic congestion of the prostate. Moreover, the lack of air circulation in sedentary time and space will provide opportunities for the growth of bacteria, which is easy to cause bacterial infection and damage prostate health. So, men should learn to get up and move their muscles and bones.

2. Do not hold urine

Men have the habit of holding urine because of a lack of time or no place to urinate. But this bad habit will increase the pressure of the bladder and weaken the antibacterial ability of the bladder. Once the bladder is inflamed, it will damage the prostate, and cause prostatitis. So men don't hold their urine for a long time. If they want to urinate, they should urinate as soon as possible.

3. Drink more water to promote urination

Many men do not drink water frequently, but in fact, water has a significant protective effect on the prostate. Drinking more water can promote the production of urine and reduce the stimulation of high concentration urine. And a lot of urine will take away prostate secretion when washing the urethra, which can reduce the chance of urethritis or prostatitis.

Men should pay attention to drinking more during the day, not at night, to avoid frequent night urine and increase the prostate burden.

4. Eat healthily and supplement properly

Men's daily diet should be light but not spicy. In particular, quit smoking and alcohol, avoid excessive stimulation of the prostate. You can eat some foods that are good for the prostate, such as oysters and mutton, which are high in zinc, and fruits and vegetables rich in cellulose and vitamins.

5. Exercise frequently and relieve pressure

Taking time to take part in physical exercises at ordinary times can improve the material quality, promote the blood circulation, and help contain the hyperplasia and prostatitis. Besides, exercise is also a perfect way to reduce stress. Relieve the pressure can effectively protect the prostate.

6. Be clean and soak in warm water

Men's prostate is moist and prone to bacteria, so men must do a good job of personal cleaning. To keep the prostatic area clean and ventilated, you need to wash underwear industriously. Also, warm water can be used to sit bath before going to bed, which can improve the microcirculation of the prostate, and effectively relax the prostate. However, the water temperature should not be too high.

7. Sexual life should be controlled

Men should pay attention to control their sexual life. Too little will affect prostate health, too often will make prostate hyperemia and damage male function. So harmonious sex life is the premise of prostate protection.

If men can't protect their prostate, they may induce prostatitis and other diseases, which not only affect the quality of life but also cause infertility. Therefore, men must pay attention to it and correct their incorrect living habits.

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