There’s really no denying the fact that photos on canvas make for spectacular and dramatically effective works of art. In the past, reproducing a photograph above a certain size led to an inevitable decline in the quality of the image, but modern technology has corrected this situation and led to large scale images that are a match for those hanging on the walls of a gallery.

Canvas prints are the perfect meeting point between painting and photography, boasting the bright colours and clear lines of the best that digital photography can offer, allied to the texture and warmth of traditional canvas, and the added bonus of being able to put photos on canvas is that you get to choose precisely which image to put up on your walls. When you opt to put a photo on canvas you may be doing it for yourself or to give as a gift.

In personal terms, canvas photo prints are the perfect medium for family portraits. This is because they match the quality of professional studio based family portraits in every way and they improve upon them in one way in particular – the relaxed feel of the image you use. This is because you’re around your kids all the time and taking snaps of them a lot of this time – at play, eating meals, simply sitting and chatting – and this means that you’ll have a backlog of hundreds of pictures from which to choose, enabling you to select the single image which best captures your kids personality and the way you feel about them. The experience of spending a limited amount of time in a studio trying to capture that image simply doesn’t begin to match up. The finished photo canvas prints will be mounted onto a sturdy, long lasting wooden frame and come in a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes meaning that no matter what the room in question is, or the type and mood of the image, there’ll be something which matches.

The techniques used for canvas photo prints means that the finished product will match up to anything which can be purchased ‘off the peg’ in terms of quality and durability, being impervious to the damaging effects of sunlight and also wipe clean should it ever become dusty or dirty. Prints such as these also make original and spectacular gifts for friends and loved ones. Choose an image which is special to them – it could be the place where they met their other half, a favourite holiday haunt or an artistic image which you know will appeal to their sensibilities – and have it turned into a one off work of art which will remind them of you and of how much you care about them each and every time they look at it. It’s not just about putting something up on your wall because it looks good, it’s about combining artistic, aesthetic appeal with a strong personal connection and the kind of emotional response which can only be driven by something you’ve chosen and designed yourself, or had designed by somebody who knows what matters to you.

Canvas photo prints combine art, individuality and emotional resonance in a way which will brighten up both your walls and your life.

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