Getting the driving lessons on time from an accredited driving school is undoubtedly is your first step to staying safe on the road. However, challenging situations do arrive in the course, and a driver must follow the different set of safety rules applicable in different circumstances.

This article will highlight some of those challenging situations that drivers often meet to make sure that you can stay away from the way of unwanted accidents. Read on to find out the issues.

Checking Your Car Before Driving

This is probably the very first step you must be taking to stay out of unwanted troubles. Here’s the checklist -

  • Checking the fuel amount
  • Checking the tyres having at least 1.5 mm tread
  • Checking the steering wheel for the ease of driving
  • Checking the driving seat for optimum visibility & control
  • Checking the mirrors, indicators and brake lights

** You can modify the checklist according to the model of your vehicle along with its features. Make sure that you carry out a thorough checkup before getting out with your car.

Driving at Nighttime

Another challenging situation for driving is nighttime. Driving at night can pose a lot of challenge, especially if you are not habituated with night time driving. Here are some tips to follow -

  • Turn the headlights of your vehicle on before the sunset and keep it till the time the sun is high in the sky.
  • If any vehicle comes too much close to you in any way with high beam falling on you, you need to slow down your car and take your vehicle to the left edge gradually.
  • Fatigue is natural when you are driving at night. However, you are required to combat the fatigue under any condition by drinking a few cups of coffee. According to skilled professionals of driving school in Wetherill Park, if you are still feeling drowsy, you should better go for a bit of rest and then drive again.

Driving on Uneven Country Roads

The views of the countryside are sure to allure and impress you. However, you can't afford to keep your eyes off the road in any way because it won't be a smooth ride in any way. Read on the tips -

  • There will be wildlife and livestock on that might scatter on the road. And, if you get stumbled upon any of it with your vehicle, it’s going to cost you high.
  • In the case, you find a long trailer or a long road train is approaching towards your vehicle; it is always considered as a wise decision to stay away from the road for a while and let the other vehicle pass.
  • When you are passing through bridges, narrow roads or floodways, you should not stop on those roads, instead of drive on till you pass it.

Final Words

There are also a different set of rules for driving during rain or foggy weather. Also, you ought to be super careful while driving on the mountain or range roads. Driving on local suburban streets requires equal safety precautions too. And, you will get all of the information from your instructors as you search for the best driving school near Blacktown and take a step ahead towards safe driving under any situation.

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The author is a reputed driving instructor and has been associated with the best driving school in Wetherill Park. As you search with the key phrase ‘driving school near me’, it is the author’s driving school that will pop up in your search results.