Dr. Viral Desai

Dr. Viral Desai is a well-known and reputed doctor amongst the best Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons and India’s Most Compassionate Doctor and Top Doctor for Women.

He holds an experience of 19 Years & Certification for Aesthetic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgeon presuming his dream he completed his MBBS from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal College, Sion; following which he practiced in General surgery and onco-surgery at TATA Hospital, KEM Hospital, and Cooper Hospitals Respectively.

He is a founder of DHI hair transplant technique in India. Managing director of CPLSS, Sarla Hospital, and Desai Hospital. He has been awarded as an icon in plastic and cosmetic surgeries in 2010.

He then invented 3D liposuction in India with 100% success ratio.
In India, Many Patients are looking to achieve their ideal look, Liposuction is the exact life-changing procedure that can improve body bulges and shape. The surgery generally works by removing Fat cells from the body through suction

Liposuction can be performed almost anywhere on the body, including the Face and Neck. However, the most popular treatment areas targeted for liposuction surgery are the Abdomen, Hips, and Outer thighs and even the back of the knees

The first step is to consult with the best surgeon. Talk about your goals, the options, the risks and benefits, and the costs. Ask all your questions.

If you decide to go ahead with liposuction, surgeons will give you instructions on how to prepare for it. These may include diet and alcohol restrictions.

Step 1 – Anesthesia
Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure. The choices include local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best choice for you.

Step 2 – The incision
• Liposuction is performed through small, discreet incisions.
• First, diluted local anesthesia is infused to reduce bleeding and trauma. Then a thin hollow tube, or cannula, is inserted through the incisions to loosen excess fat using a controlled back and forth motion.

The removable fat is then suctioned out of the body using a surgical vacuum or syringe attached to the cannula.
Step 3 – See the results

• You’ll go home the day of the procedure. Make sure to have someone drive you home afterward. (If you’re having a lot of fat removed, you should get the surgery done in a hospital, where you might stay overnight).

• It may take several weeks for the swelling to fully dissipate. As it does, your new contours and enhanced self-image should continue to develop.

Types of liposuction
•Suction-assisted liposuction (SAL)
•Tumescent liposuction
•Laser-assisted liposuction
•Power assisted liposuction(PAL)
•High definition liposuction(HDL)

A proven surgical treatment to remove fatty deposits from those parts of the body which cannot be maintained through diet or exercises.

Dr.viral Desai

Specialist in both surgical and non- surgical treatments.
He uses the ‘tumescent technique’ wherein he injects some quantity of fluid through a small incision, these fluids helps in reducing the risk of bleeding.

As the fluid injected inside the body comes in contact with the fat layers it starts swelling, he then uses a cannula which is passed through the incision to the fatty layers, which then sucks the swollen fatty layers and even the fluid which Is earlier injected…

This procedure requires No Hospitalization as it is a day care surgery, you will be discharged the same day. You can even resume your daily life routines in a couple of days, yet make sure you rest the same day.

Special Garment

Dr. Viral Desai prescribes a special garment that will be measured to fit you. You may need to wear it for at least 4-6 week post surgery. This garment is 100 % washable (compression garment).
He is been known for his successful increasing surgical treatment and all the praise from his fellow patients.


I am a resident of Mumbai, I am 94 kg, I almost tried all the possible ways to get in my dream shape, yet I had no results. I tried yoga, gyms, Zumba.
I almost gave up my dream of becoming a Perfect match for my partner. Finally, I heard a news about a celebrity doctor who operates for 3D liposuction, after seeing the photos I was so shocked.

I searched for the doctor(Dr. Viral Desai) on his Website & called his Clinic without wasting any time, I was curious I took the address and straight away went for the consultation, where I received the best treatment I could have wished for, Swear I had never thought liposuction would be so easy the way this doctor (Dr. Viral) made it seem.

After 3 days I met the doctor again for3D Liposuction surgery from him and I got operated successfully. I had no words to thanks, Dr. Viral Desai… all I said him was “Thank you for bringing a Wonderful change in me”….
-Karan Rao

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