With the growing addiction to cigarettes, the goal of quitting tobacco smoking is getting out-of-date. However, some may wonder thinking how e-cigarette is being considered as legitimate and healthier alternative! According to the experts, lungs start cleaning itself within a month after they quit smoking, and the person would find it easy to breathe than before. Well, what about the people who have switched from tobacco cigarette to the e-cigarette? Is it possible for them to improve their health? Can you choose this option for your family as a healthier alternative? Let’s find out!

• No tobacco/toxins/tars: There is no tobacco in an electronic cigarette, which means you do not need to consume the chemicals and can get the flavours of nicotine with the same oral fixation you like to have.

E cigarette in Australia

No smell of smoking: Electronic cigarette or vaporizers in Australia does not emit smell and depending on the flavours you like, you can experience the sweet aroma of vanilla, strawberry, etc. Although the scent does not stay for long, you could look for e liquids that have a glycerine base which allows the taste to stay for long

Various nicotine strength to control nicotine intake: E-liquids in e-cigarettes can be refilled with various nicotine strength, and that can vary from zero to high. It means your family members could get a better control over nicotine intake. For example, a person in his initial days of quitting tobacco smoking can’t suddenly jump into zero level consumption and thus require a high level of nicotine strength of e-cigarette and gradually decreases the intake.

• Refillable atomizers to save money: Initially, it may seem a bit expensive to buy a refillable atomizer with unregulated high-end mod than disposable starter kit. Well, the fact is you will save a lot of money in the long run, as you have to buy only e-liquids after that, to keep smoking. You would be surprised to hear that the expenses on e-cigarettes are 80% less than tobacco cigarettes.

Free to smoke anywhere, anytime: You can enjoy smoking anywhere since there is no production of harmful smoke and guess what, you can be there in public places like bars, hotels, office and restaurants and satisfy your craving for smoking at the same time.

No ash: Since there is no need to set the flame, ash or annoying cigarette butts would not be there to dispose of. Additionally, electronic cigarette vapours only water-based smoke that fades away within seconds.

Best e cigarette Australia

More social acceptance: People today are becoming more health conscious, and judiciary activities are banning cigarette smoking in public place. Hence, the smokers always need to find an isolated place, just to accompany their tobacco smoking habit. You might have seen how people complain against the smokers, as the smell and impacts of passive-smoking are not acceptable. Thankfully, e-cigarettes do not emit second-hand smoke and keep your breath fresh as well.

Before winding up here, you must be known to this fact that e-cigarette does not stain your teeth and to avoid foul breath, various flavours of e-liquid are available. When you look for best e-cigarette in Australia, it comes with different colour and style that some models look like a cigarette, a pen or a cell phone in size. According to your preference, you can choose any style.

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