Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes, are rapidly gaining in popularity around the world. Many smokers who have difficulty quitting smoking, switch to the e-cigarette.
Vaporisers help smokers to stop smoking better than nicotine gum or nicotine patches do. This is attested by a British study carried amongst 900 smokers. It’s more effective than other methods and you can easily find amazing cheap vaping deals near you and buy your own e-cig for cheap.

Vaping as a therapy against tobacco consumption

A couple of years ago, a group of one hundred French doctors made an appeal to use the electric cigarette as a therapy to prevent tobacco consumption. One of the doctors said: 'One has to stop telling all sorts of absurd things about the electric cigarette. We, doctors, see that our patients feel much better thanks to the e-cigarette. '

The e-cigarette is going to save a record number of lives

Many doctors consider smoking e-cigarette as a therapy against regular smoking. Researchers believe that this invention will be responsible for saving a record number of lives in the 21st century.

What is electronic smoking?

E-cigarette: is it a useful tool to stop smoking?
Not only the nicotine requirement but also the need for satisfaction is fulfilled during vaping. That is why electronic cigarette is seen by many people as one of the most effective aids in smoking cessation.

The e-cigarette, unlike the regular cigarette, contains no carcinogenic tar or carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide - harmful for the heart and blood vessels. During vaping, only one substance is released: nicotine. In addition, the use of the e-cigarette is considerably cheaper than smoking ordinary cigarettes.
Although we believe that by far the best thing is to stop smoking altogether, we can see the benefits that the e-cigarette can offer for stubborn smokers who can't break their addiction. The e-cigarette can be an essential first step towards a healthy and non-smoking life.

When using e-cigarettes, you determine the amount of nicotine per cigarette. You can choose from e-liquid bottles with different doses of nicotine. This way you can gradually reduce the nicotine addiction. There are also bottles of e-liquid that don't contain nicotine.

E-cigarette versus chewing gum & plasters

To determine which aid is most helpful in quitting smoking, the researchers conducted the study. For this study, 886 subjects were divided into two groups. One group received nicotine substitutes such as patches, chewing gums, chewable tablets and sprays. The other group received an e-cigarette.
All subjects received personal guidance for stopping smoking for at least four weeks. No less than 18 percent of the e-cigarette users in the study were released from their cigarette addiction a year later. So, according to this study, e-cigs are currently the best option to quit regular smoking!

Are e-cigarettes an alternative in pregnancy?

Pregnant women are very wise to stop smoking to protect their unborn baby from the harmful constituents of cigarettes. Women who have difficulty in giving up smoking often wonder whether the electric cigarette is a suitable alternative to the regular cigarette. E-cigarettes do not contain tar, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. Also, you can also use electronic cigarettes with fillings that don't contain nicotine. Yet it is wise not to use e-cigarettes if you are pregnant. E-cigarettes are admittedly considerably less harmful than regular cigarettes, but when it comes to the health of your unborn child, you do not want to take any risks.

What is an e-liquid?

When you buy an electronic cigarette, you get almost everything you need. You have the device, you have a battery, but not e-liquid yet. You need to buy a liquid to really use your electric cigarette. The e-liquid is evaporated in the clearomizer, and you breathe it. Thanks to the different flavours you can make it as pleasant as possible for yourself. For example, as a novice vaper, you can opt for an e-liquid with a tobacco flavour, so that the overall smoking experience stays close to that of a regular cigarette.

What are the ingredients of e-liquid?

An e-liquid consists of many components, with as main ingredients propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). PG is a colour and odourless liquid that is used to retain moisture. Also, it serves as a solvent for dye and as a vapour liquid. VG is also a colourless liquid that comes from vegetable oil. The taste of VG is sweet, that is why it is often added to food. Besides propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, there are also aromas that give the taste to your liquid. Finally, you can also buy an e-liquid with nicotine.

How to choose the e-liquid that suits you the most?

There are many different e-liquid flavours that you can choose from. Many novice vapers choose a tobacco flavour, but there are also many fruit flavours such as raspberry, orange, watermelon, cherries and more. You can also go for menthol, cinnamon, vanilla or coffee taste. Eventually, you decide for yourself which content of nicotine is mixed in the liquid. You can choose from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. To choose the best e-liquid, search for vape deals available around you.


Vaping can be very helpful during a problematic period of quitting tobacco smoking. Thanks to a vast variety of liquids available, the vaper can discover delightful flavours while fighting this dangerous addiction.

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