So, you want to take money with your blog? Sure, let's say! You've probably put a lot of time and work into it and it's only logical that you also want to get something back. And hey, others live on blogging and make their money online. Why not you?

The short answer is yes!

It is definitely possible to make money with a blog. However, this statement is not very helpful. Because if you take in your blog 3,58 € per month, then that is a merit, but your life will not change.

But back to the first answer. With a blog can earn money. For example, there are no legal or technical rules that would stop you. Say, it is not forbidden to make money with a blog. Much more depends on whether you are able to get your blog to where money is flowing. And in such quantities that it makes a difference.

It is also clear that there are many blogs that make money. Even in the German-speaking area there are bloggers who can live on it.

Theoretically, there are no limits to the top. Huffington Post started as a blog (and is still sometimes referred to as such) and makes millions in sales each month. Some American bloggers earn over $ 100,000 a month.

In the German-speaking area it is much harder to find concrete examples. Revenues are rarely disclosed here. However, it can be estimated in one case or another, the financial latitude a blogger has about.

The revenues depend on numerous factors:

The profitability of the niche is crucial.
The reach of your blog plays a big role.
Your willingness to focus on earning money.
How much time you can or want to invest in the blog.
Which methods you are ready to apply.

But really ... how much can you earn?

In my opinion, it is easily possible, after a few months, to earn up to € 500 a month. Provided you write new content 1-2 times a week that's optimized for Google and you're actively promoting your blog. This includes social media activities, as well as the publication of guest articles on other sites. If you have experience in SEO (search engine optimization), you can do a lot more with the same effort.

500 € per month is already a limit that is exceeded by the least bloggers. Because, the calculation already includes the following:

2-3 paid articles for 150 € each.
50 € revenue via Amazon affiliate program.
2-3 sales or leads via another affiliate program.

The problem is that while paid items can bring you quick money, they usually do not help your blog. In addition, you will not receive 15 requests each month and accordingly you must advance the other source of income. However, these are much more difficult.

To earn more money through an affiliate program or advertising, you need one thing above all: more traffic!

The truth is that most bloggers generate little or no revenue. A survey on the well-known blog "BlogTyrant" has revealed that 69.4% of the surveyed bloggers generate virtually no revenue.

As you can see from the statistics, even if you manage to fall into the 22.6% that earn anywhere between $ 1 and $ 10,000 per year, you're still a long way from an income.

To generate significant revenue from your blog, some requirements must be met. In particular, the following are important:

You reach a critical mass of readers (reach) with your blog.
Your topic, respectively your target group, is financially interesting. Rather, focus on your content with managing directors rather than Hartz IV recipients.
In your niche there are opportunities for monetization (for example, affiliate programs, advertising partners, services).
You have legally created the opportunity to legally make money. You may have to register as a freelancer (depending on where you live).

Your achievable goals depend in particular on what experience you bring, what resources (financially) you have and how much time you can invest.

* As a complete beginner, your goal must first be to blog regularly and then earn the first Euro. Then you can continue watching.
* Advanced, on the other hand, is more about setting up a concrete plan and deciding which of the known tactics should be used.

For an advanced one could e.g. 1'000 € in 6 months to be an interesting destination. After all, it means that you have managed to provide a good base. This success can be built up. Lessons can be learned from the first few months. Old contents can now be optimized and new ones are tailored to the readers. In this way, several hundred euros per month should be achieved quite well.

If you want to take more, then you have to be focused and use specific tactics to get there. Some tactics are these:

Write reviews on products that are relevant to your readers.
Make product comparisons to relevant products in the industry.
Search for less controversial keywords where you can quickly reach good rankings in Google.
Do not write haphazard articles that do not have a specific goal.
Link your readers to your blog with an email list.
Analyze the ways you make the most money and apply the insights in other areas.

In any case, keep in mind that only a very small proportion of bloggers live exclusively from blogging. Even very well-known bloggers usually have several legs. For example, they offer services that they can then promote beyond the reach of the blog, they use their prominence as a kick-start for new projects or they do co-operations that have little or nothing to do with the blog.

But do not let it demotivate you. Just because your blog does not bring you a complete income does not mean that blogging can not make a difference for you.

There is no doubt that it is not easy to make enough money from a blog to make a living from it. It takes extreme stamina and maybe a little luck. But it is possible to build a secondary income or to get other opportunities through the blog.

Author's Bio: 

Mukhtiar Ali Khan is an Internet Marketer, SEO Consultant and Online Mentor who has been working since 2010 and is managing several successful websites on the internet for the last 9 years. Mukhtiar Ali Khan can help you in Make Money, SEO and Online Marketing related issues.