WordPress helps you build beautiful, secure, mobile and SEO friendly websites in few simple steps. To get your own website designed beautifully, check out the amazing features of WordPress.
WordPress is one of the most popular platforms which enable you to create your own websites easily. WordPress allows you to create any kind of website that you want. Whether it is a business site, blog or portfolio, there is no limit. Also, all these services are available to you free of cost as you can start creating your website for free on this platform.
From simple and enterprise websites to blogs and complex portals, everything is built with WordPress. Below are some exciting features about WordPress that you would love to know.
Easy to use
WordPress’s powerful platform helps in creating and managing in a simple way. You can get started in minutes and make changes to your site easily.

You can make any kind of website with WordPress such as a personal blog, a photo blog, a business, government and news website, a professional portfolio, a magazine or a news website. Also, a number of themes and plugins are available to make your website look more attractive. You can find a unique style for your site.

Publish with ease
You can publish anything and everything with a complete ease on WordPress if you have ever created a document. Creating posts and pages, formatting them and inserting media can be done only with a click of a button to make it live.

User management
Administrators can manage who can access what on your website. Not everyone requires the same access to your content and therefore, the subscribers are managed by their profiles and accordingly given the access to the website.

WordPress is available in more than 70 languages making it easier for people living anywhere in the world and speaking any language. If you want your website to be available in languages other than English, then it is easy to do so.

Easy installation
The WordPress gets downloaded and installed very easily on any computer. A lot of web hosts are available that offer one-click WordPress installers from where you can install WordPress in just one-click. Similarly, upgrades are also done easily.

Own your data
You might have seen some host services that just disappear. WordPress allows you to have control over your data. No one can have access to your data. You yourself own all of your website, content and data.

WordPress is built on software freedom. You can use WordPress in any way that you choose. You can install it, use it, modify it and distribute it.

WordPress has a vibrant and supportive community where you ask a question and get an immediate response from a volunteer who helps you with your query. You can also read blogs and tutorials to learn more about WordPress.

Enhanced features of WordPress 4.9.7
WordPress 4.9.7 has been released with a lot of new, enhanced and exciting features of WordPress development. There have been so many bugs in the previous versions of WordPress which have now been released completely and also some new features are added. WordPress version 4.9.6 was earlier affected by an issue in which the files got deleted even outside the upload directory. This was a serious issue which was reported and now has been released.
In all, seventeen bugs were reported and fixed in WordPress 4.9.7. some of them are:
The feature of cache handling has been improved for term queries making it more reliable and user-friendly.

Posts and post types
Earlier, it was reported that the post passwords did not clear out even after logging out. This bug was fixed in the WordPress 4.9.7. now post password cookies are immediately cleared after logging out of the software.

In WordPress 4.9.7 version, the basic HTML tags are allowed in the sidebar descriptions. These tags make their space on the widgets admin screen making it easier to work on.

The most important feature that should be in a website or software is its privacy. Privacy features are enhanced in the latest version and default privacy settings do not cause a fatal error.

Users can easily update their older versions to the new version of WordPress by simply clicking on the update now option. A lot of professional and skilled WordPress developers have contributed to create this new version of WordPress known as the WordPress 4.9.7 and remove all the bugs and errors that were reported in the previous versions. The enhanced features of WordPress 4.9.7 make it more secure and reliable which are the most important features that a software should have in it. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to make your own amazing website with WordPress.

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