The eye is the very necessary part of our body. We have to bear many problems when on the lacking of eyesight
Lacking eyesight is related to the Myopia (Far Away) and Hyperopia (Look dull), Due to some special reason like genetics, lacking nutrition. Aging and over depression occurred this kind of disease.

The main general symptoms of low eyesight are blurry Vision, Frequent Headache, and Watery eye.

You should go to the doctor for the proper checkup and find the main reason for that. Sometimes this problems occurs by the serious issues like Cataract, Weakening of eyes muscles or damage or effective with Optic Neuropathy.

The doctor makes treatment of general disease of the eye, but here we are showing some important remedy that you can use it for improving eyesight.

Best Home Remedies for improving eyesight
1)Eye Exercise

Eye Muscle becomes flexible by Doing Exercise, blood flow increase and vision become well. Doing this regularly, remove your tension and increase concentration.

Exercise -1
•Take a pencil straight in hand and set the position in front of the eye and make a concentration on the pencil.
•Move Slidey near and far to your eye
•Do this daily 10 times

•Rotate your eye in the clockwise direction, do this for a second.
•After that rotate your eye in the anti-clockwise direction
•Repeat it 4-5 times
•Blink it in every round

2)Sunning and Palming

Eyesight becomes improved by sunning and palming, it makes flexible and strong of eye lance.
Sun has natural healing power, that we can get by sunning treatment, and be palming make relax our body and active our senses.


We eye surrounded by the combination of bone that is also known as acupressure point or Acupuncture point.

Make massage to these acupressure points for 10 minutes. Start with 1 and then round it slowly and reach 7th position, 3-4 times in a day.


The Almond having omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamin E that would be helpful for increasing eyesight, memory and also concentrations.
• Dip 5-10 almond nuts in water at night
• Mix it after uncover on the morning
• Drink it after mix it with milk.
• To improve eyesight, take it regularly.

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