Prescription drugs are drugs that are bought on the basis of a prescription written out by a qualified physician. They are licensed as opposed to non-prescription drugs and cannot be sold over the counter. These drugs are highly regulated and have different regulations in different countries. In Canada, federal regulators like Health Canada ensure that the Canada Pharmacy prescription drugs are bought and sold as per the law. It aims to curb any unfair practices in the sale of prescription drugs.

Online Canada Pharmacy

It is not necessary to visit a pharmacy to get any sort of drugs including prescription drugs. Online pharmacies are there to serve the need of the people. They offer the medicines at the best prices and even have offers and discounts. Of course purchasing over the counter medicine is easy. But to think that prescription drugs could be bought in the same way is a mistake. Over the counter medicines are dispatched as soon as they are paid for online. However, when it comes to prescription drugs the pharmacy takes four to five working days to dispatch the drugs. This is because it requires the mailing of the original prescription to the pharmacy. Once an online patient information form is filled and the original prescription is mailed to the pharmacy, the prescription is examined and only on verifying the authenticity are the drugs sent to the customer.

Most of these online sites have Canada pharmacy prescription drugs and the drugs are listed alphabetically so that it becomes easy for the customers to browse through them. A customer can go through the list to make sure the drug he or she seeks is sold by the pharmacy. They can also check various online quality pharmacies and pick out the one with the offers best medicine in the least lead time. These websites also have 24 hours customer care service that takes care of the grievances of the customers.


Always remember to check a few things once the drugs arrive. First and foremost check to see if the medicine is what you ordered for. Then check the expiry date on the box. This is very important as taking medicines that are past their expiry date could turn out to be dangerous if not fatal. Also check if the packaging has been altered anyway. If you feel that the package has been tampered with, do not use the drug. These are the areas to be looked into after the purchase, but before the purchase too certain matters need to be checked. One is to check if the online pharmacy has a valid license. This is of utmost importance. Always remember to read the terms and conditions of the online pharmacy and understand them before making a purchase. See if the pharmacy offers access to a licensed pharmacist. Such an access means that the pharmacy is genuine and also helps customers to quench their queries without problems.

Purchasing Canada pharmacy prescription drugs is easy and quick. However, always remember that though online sites are a great way to make the purchases, it always helps to talk to the pharmacists and make the purchase only then.

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