With the changing time, every industry has to change its method of selling as well as every industry have to select the best platform to make their own website. Nowadays customers are more attracted to the internet. Not only other industries need their E-Commerce websites but many automotive industry merchants have also adopted the trend.

It is very important to stand in the competition as well as it is very important to stand with all the necessary terms and advancement. In order to be in, you will also have to be there on the internet.

Users search the product before buying and read all the competitors available nearby. What if your product is not listed on the website? The customer will select any other supplier and you will lose one potential customer. Auto parts & tools, new cars as well as details of your car service center can all be listed on your online store.

Magento is the most scalable platform which is available nowadays with lots of customization facilities. Custom Magento Development will create an attractive store for your automotive industry. You will wonder why to select Magento only, while there are many other platforms available.

If you are selling car parts, cars, as well as other accessories, it will not have the same manufacturers, models as well as release years. Magento e-commerce development helps you will all this as well as its features will allow successful Automotive store SEO.

Having a number of years of experience as well as experience in making the automotive industry website on Magento, we come to know that the best platform for the Automotive industry is Magento with lots of best themes. We have listed some of the features for you to go through for your understanding:

Progressive Web Apps

What is the Progressive Web application?

As we all know, customers nowadays will surely view your product on the cell phone. The progressive Web Application works in providing the customer with an app-like experience.

It uses Modern technology

It uses modern Design

It has a faster load time.

It provides an app-like experience.

Some musts for your Progressive Web application?

● Progressive - It is for every user, regardless of browser choice, because they are built with progressive enhancement as a core tenet.

● Responsive - It should be responsive to be viewed on any mobile, laptop or tablet.

● Fresh- It is always up-to-date

● Navigation- It has app-style navigation.

● Fitment

What is the function of Fitment- It Allows customers to find parts by year/make/model/etc. Customers have to only add year-make-model or similar filters to your website and with the help of fitment, they will easily locate the desired product.

Magento allows the users lots of customization, thus in spite of the fact that fitment is not native in Magento, it is created by the experienced developers.

The customers will not have to view each and every spare part, they can enter the specific model and the parts related to that will only appear.

Fitment is used in the automobile industry for:

Partial search

Saving the selected options

Display search results in one relevant category

With this the customers cannot have to select their vehicle every time, it can be saved.

● Multiple Product Types

There are different types of Products:

○ Simple Product- products which are having no variations such as color, size, shape are simple products.

○ Configurable Product- Products which have to be given different attributes like color, shape, size comes under the configurable products.

○ Virtual Product- These products represent non-tangible Items such as membership or digitally downloaded books.

○ Grouped Product- you can group any items as one category.

○ Bundle Product- it contains simple, virtual and many grouped products.

○ Downloadable Product- The product which can be delivered as file, music, video, picture or ebook.

With the help of Magento, all these can be easily created as well as customize.

Powerful and Flexible CMS

Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce CMS.

It allows 500,000 products per site and supporting 80,000 orders per hour. The CMS integrates easily with PayPal, Google, and eBay as well. The CMS also ranks very high in scalability.

It allows responsive designs for the shopping carts.

It can be easily integrated with Android as well as ios.

Magento has a large marketplace having useful applications as well as various themes.

Useful Built-In Features

Open and flexible architecture

engaging in shopping experiences

Secure Payments

Upgrading core files and its modules

Easier upgrades and maintenance

Backup/Rollback system

PSR Compliance

These were some of its basic features. The top features are:

● New File Structure in Magento 2

● New Layout Elements

● CSS Preprocessing

● Magento UI Library

● Under the hood

● Improved performance

● limited prototypes

Improved Admin Panel

It permits to manage widgets and poll. It provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system and functionality of their online store. Even slow admin panel can also speed up

The other best things about Magento if you consider the automotive industry for that:

● It allows the customers to view all the specifications of the car.

● Great in providing detailed information about the model, make as well as the other car attributes.

● It provides customized product information as well as management tools.

● With Magento customizations, data files can merge with FIT mapping.

● Easy to connect several databases to highlight specific cars and their parts.

● Easy to Demystify Complex Products

● With Magento, suppliers and dealers can integrate their inventory

● It makes navigating complex items easy for consumers.

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