Attic ventilation

Many homeowners rarely access their attic, usually, they only go for storage or in search of something. It is very important for the house and also for your health to think about the condition of the attic. The condition of the attic significantly affects the rest of your home and is an essential factor in supporting the roof structure. You’re probably aware that most attics are ventilated. Maybe you’ve seen the attic vents in the eaves, or you’re aware of the ridge vent at the peak of your roof. What you may not know, however, is that most homes don’t have enough attic ventilation and that this lack of adequate ventilation can be raising your energy bills and damaging your home. Proper attic ventilation is a very important part of overall property maintenance.

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The Importance of Insulation R Values

Insulation is an important factor that makes your home comfortable and energy-efficient. Insulation is also called the “unsung hero” of the home. You don’t see it and rarely think about it. There are plenty of insulation types and all of them are made differently. Just to mention, some different materials are spray foam insulation, fiberglass, foam board insulation. There are also a number of other different forms of applying insulation such as batting and blown in.

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What Material To Use When Insulating The Basement

Most property owners choose to insulate their properties to make them a more comfortable place to spend time on. If you want your basement to be a better place for your kids to play, a comfortable work out area, office or even home theater then you should consider insulating it first. Leaving the basement uninsulated allows the air to get into the rim joist, ceiling, and walls. Insulation will not only make a more functional basement but will also significantly improve the comfort of other areas in the house such as space above.

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Blerina Laska