Regular education is extremely expensive and useless.

Self education is valuable and very inexpensive. Here's why:
...By Petri Maatta,

After doing an effective review of my financial report this year, I made an astonishing discovery.
I realized that up to 50% of all my expenses go towards regular education!

I tend to buy lots of books, CDs, I have enrolled into a number of courses and seminars and these expenses are more than anything else I spend on in my business
This became even more apparent when one of my apprentices visited my house, there were Notes all over even in the car. Well, it’s not just me, many people have these materials and they dedicate a lot of time and resources to educating themselves.

Whether its Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Polish, or Donald Trump, all these successful business magnates have at one point been students of other people and no matter how big or successful they’ve become, they are still finding ways to learn more and educate themselves on new things in their space.

It’s the only way they manage to stay ahead of the pack and dominate their fields with utter perfection.
So let me throw these questions your way:
When exactly was the last time you decided to invest on yourself?

What are some of the top 3 books you’ve read in recent times? See also seminarpartner foredragsholdere in Norway, they're doing something amazing.

In the last 12 months how many seminars have you attended
Who are the top 3 successful people in your space are you watching

One of the first things I did after realizing this was to create a product map for every product under my name.
It was a fun thing to do but most importantly, I am now able to see the natural path of every person who enters my funnel. Product maps have also helped me understand my freelancing process:

What is your process?
Do your clients know the first step they should take in order to work with you?

(HINT: The first step in any freelancing process should not be to work or deliver services, but to generate a need for the service you intend to offer.)

Author's Bio: 

Petri is a business coach, certified LOA (Law of Attraction Techniques) Practitioner, and certified business processes instructor