Effective coaching methods in soccer are sure to increase the chances of success, of a team. Apart from soccer, we all need coaching at some point in our lives, as life dishes us with hurdles that make us seek advice, despite our individual expertise. This is the same in soccer.

    Coaching is gradually becoming an important need in all spheres of life, be it sport, business, or life generally. It has also become one of the most sought after profession in the world, has its rewards are worth looking forward to, especially in soccer.

     Sure coaching comes with its own baggage, hurdles and challenges, that you have no choice to overcome, if you choose to be a successful coach. Nevertheless, the energy and level of engagement is extremely desirable.

   I can categorically state that Football coaching is most engaging and rewarding profession or form of coaching that there is. The level of participation is more and there are more responsibilities.

    To be a professional coach, it is required that you have necessary qualification and also acquire important skills, but all of these become irrelevant without effectiveness.


         The importance of effective soccer coaching

        A coach with the necessary qualification is very great but without effective coaching methods, success in his or her coaching career is very bleak. Effective soccer coaching is simply bringing out the best in your players individually and collectively, and also helping them acquire new skills so they can achieve their set goals.

    The set goal in football is to be successful and be better at every game played. It’s not enough that a footballer is skilled, the ability to harness his or her potentials effectively is the main goal.

  So it doesn’t matter if you have similar attributes as Pep Guardiola, if you don’t have effective methods to drive your team to success, your chance of success in soccer coaching is not visible.


Characteristics that ensure effectiveness

There are traits that soccer coaches need to work on and adapt to ensure effectiveness, character traits like;

  • Good Work ethics – I see some coaches or aspiring coaches who have double standards, they give instructions and find it hard to follow themselves. You must learn to be punctual at every practice and inform the team ahead if you would be absent. Your players are not only accountable to you, you are also accountable to them.
  • Be Responsible – This is very key because as a coach your players look up to you and watch you, every day. So be a good example and of good behavior. Also step up to your responsibilities, you are a leader act like one.
  • Be teachable – I know this may sound funny but it isn’t. Some coaches feel they know everything about football after passing their UEFA exams. If you are open minded, you would learn more from anyone, situation or coach and even your players.
  • Be a good communicator and listener – Being a good communicator requires you to be a good listener. I know it is very tempting to want to hear yourself speak all the time, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you know more than the next person or your players.

   So learn to be attentive and ask them of their views after a game as this would make them feel more involved.

  • Be approachable and firm – It takes no strength to be nice and friendly. Some aspiring coaches feel this may make them appear weak, but that is not true. You can be firm and friendly at the same time.
  • Be fit and Professional – You can’t be a coach and be exhausted every 2 minutes. It is important to be fit, skillful, neat, organized and tidy as a coach.


     Soccer coaching method

     It is important to have a method of doing this in life and in soccer coaching especially. You can’t go into this profession without having set methods, principles and values. The methods that would be mentioned below are to guide you in creating or formulating your methods.

  • Learn other types of Coaching – As a football coach it is important you learn to be all types of coach in one as this would yield great results for you. Be a Career coach, a performance coach, a Skills coach, and a life coach.

This will increase productivity, clarity, skill development, and help them achieve their dreams and aspirations.


  • Be a good Facilitator – To be a good facilitator or coordinator you need to listen more and encourage your players before and after every match, win or lose. You have to learn to attack a problem and not the player.
  • Be Unique – This is something I have seen several coaches struggle with as they like to use every other coaches’ technique for their own team. Of course you can learn techniques and skills from other coaches but first you have to assess your team

                  It’s important to know that every team is unique and you have to discover what      

              works for them, and you as a coach.

  • Be a good teacher – I sometimes see coaches strictly focused on teaching, developing new skills and also executing them. Of course all of these are important as it is an essential part of the game, but the key to it all is creativity.


    It is important that they understand every area of the game including insight, creativity and decision-making. So loading them up with skills and tactics they don’t get to use in practice gradually becomes a pile of unused talents. This skills should be taught within a game situation where the player would have to decide where, when, why and how to use it.

  • Learn to plan ahead – Most times there is nothing is the perfect plan because of some unforeseen circumstances, but planning for them is the goal. Always remember the 5 P’s of coaching (Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance).



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