If you want to ride an electric bike during your hikes, choose a model with good autonomy.

The electric touring bike will allow you to ride for a long time to offer you new horizons. The performance of the new batteries makes it possible to make very long distances as long as you know how to save them depending on the altitude of your course.

The electric bicycle trip requires patience, like driving at 25Km / h for several hours at a time with a load that will require specific capabilities such as good range, good braking, and suspensions of quality to have an acceptable comfort.

The electric assistance of a hiking bike will allow you to pass any slope without having to spend too much effort, which allows saving during the pedaling.

The electric touring bike will travel on very hilly routes like the Grande Traversée des Alpes, which may seem inaccessible to a beginner cyclist. We can choose either a type of VAE type VTC is an off-road model or a road bike for the more athletic or a cargo electric bike to carry heavy loads or your children during your trip.

With good motorization and powerful batteries, the bicycle travelers will need a frame with a geometry that allows having a good driving position so that the comfort and the efficiency of the pedaling are maximum.

Essential components and accessories such as saddle, stem, and handlebars will have to be easily adjustable, just like the luggage rack, which will have to be robust to accommodate the weight of your saddlebags.

Like any trip, the electric bike ride can not be improvised, it will be important to make your itinerary in advance to know how much autonomy will be needed daily.

Once the region of destination chosen, you can use a planner like Géovélo that allows you to optimize your route based on terrain and greenways.

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