Embedded systems are an integral part of our lives. You cannot just separate them and expect to live a comfortable life. In fact, embedded systems can be seen everywhere that is an utmost necessity for us. Starting from mobile phones to highly sophisticated appliances at home, everything is built using embedded systems. So, why not pursue this as a career and sustain with it for the rest of your life. As the market trend goes, the more the demand, the more is the pay! And, as it is quite evident that the demand for embedded systems engineers grows, their payment structure will also climb on the graph. In every perspective, becoming an embedded systems engineer would be a great decision when it comes to career. Future Opportunities in Embedded Systems Embedded systems, a new-age technology which has recently grabbed the attention of leaders from industries like telecom, automated systems, automobile, etc. Even the small-scale industries are bringing forward their demands for embedded systems. This growing investment has pushed various job opportunities for young adults. Now, multinational companies and startups have thousands of vacancies for engineers in this stream. And, the demand is still growing. In 2018, the Indian market will be more inclined towards research and development works in embedded systems. Hence, a career in research and development is expected to be the most beneficial. The reason being the skills and talent requirements it possesses. Candidates who opt to be ‘research analysts’ or innovative experts are more likely to sustain and get highly paid than professionals who prefer to work in executive levels. As the competition is tough and skill requirements are high in terms of quality and quantity, candidates who choose their specializations in research and development are more likely to succeed, as they need to work extremely hard and must have a stringent professional attitude. Opportunities for the Freshers An enormous growth is noticed in this sector in the last decade. This industry not only offers handsome salaries to the newbies or fresh graduates but also gives them a chance to explore their creativity without any constraints. They can directly work under the supervision of industry experts and experience a faster professional growth. Freshers with a background especially in electronics and computers are good to join this industry. However, they must have the prerequisites, to begin with. Without a certification program or project during the graduating years, it will be hard to crack your first job. For freshers, it is the perfect time to join the race. Though it is a greatly growing industry, and India has already participated in the race, the market statistics say that there is still a lot to be done to allow freshers hone their skills. Looking at the need of the hour, AECTL embedded training Institute in Bangalore, has come up with the idea of creating talented freshers by equipping them the right set of skills. The courseware and projects are prepared by eminent subject matter experts in the industry.

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