Gratitude is a practice that becomes a habit. We learn to suspend judgement of ourselves and then others. Holding space for the awareness of grace, even when it is difficult and uncomfortable. Joy comes with/from/thru feeling all emotions, knowing we are accepted/loved in all things.

I often make the comment "One DAY at a time seems overly ambitious to me. If I can do 30 seconds at a time it feels just about right."

These simple steps put into the action of daily moment by moment CHOOSING to express gratitude will change your life in unexplainable ways to create inner peace and serenity.

No matter what your critical parent self talk may bring up the most balanced and healing response is "Thank You."

Choosing to verbally express gratitude with the words "Thank you" will open you to receiving more to be thankful for!

You will be exercising spiritual muscles that no one told you you had.

You will be holding space for the generosity of the universe to manifest more easily and more directly in your life.

Every moment you spend expressing gratitude is time spent clearly focused on your personal PURPOSE... inner peace follows living clearly in your personal PURPOSE...

Let me know what your experiences are with this simple practice.

Enjoy and be are loved.

Author's Bio: 

Since my 1950 birth in Mobile, Alabama my life has been filled with a longing to connect and be connected with those whose vision excites me as my own vision excites them.

Traveling and living around the world and USA I have been blessed to learn how to learn..... to listen and to hear... to share from my own self acceptance and love.
My purpose is to live in gratitude for what is... and to practice and share with those who are interested how gratitude works to hold space for conscious connection with a power greater than ourselves that ONLY creates the highest good for all at ALL times.

From my personal explorations and experiences my business purveys Shamanic talisman tools that I design and create for empowering the individual thru self awareness and self acceptance.

It is all good, ALL the time...