The Consulting Industry – Streamlining Business Opportunities
In this age, where modern information exchange has become a crucial part of life, it is very important to become aware of the ever-evolving conditions in any business environment. Every non-profit organization, government agency, and other related parties must have a distinct knowledge of their individual line of work. Like the proverb, ‘Knowledge is Power,’ states, it is no wonder that the prominence of it has gone above and beyond from its conventional application.
Technological advancements have shown the world that effective business solutions require robust communication and information sharing systems. That’s where consultants or companies facilitating consultancy services come into the picture. Consultants are professionals providing distinguished expertise to various organizations in order to help them by maximizing their profits. Basically, consultants are ‘problem-solvers for hire.’
Today, consulting is a huge international industry with global revenues increasing rapidly. Consultants are key elements in the business paradigm, and their virtue is expected to be on the rise in the future.
The Indian Consulting space is being disrupted by professionals who are providing effective and efficient business solutions in a dynamic way. This month’s issue of Insights Success portrays stories of exemplary consultant start-ups that are redefining the industry norms. ‘Emerging Consultant Start-ups in Maharashtra 2019’ brings its readers the dynamics of the Consultancy Sector and how various players in the market are making their name in the space.

One story, uniquely driven by excellence is, about RS Signatoure Solutions Pvt. Ltd. On this issue’s cover, RS Signatoure is striving to deliver the best quality IT and HR services in the best way possible. 

The issue portrays a story of a company that wishes to draw your attention with an emphasis on offering tailor-made solutions to aid the augmenting of its clients’ technological infrastructure. Bizotics Tech Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a software services start-up based in Mumbai. It offers novel approaches to its clients while signifying the advantages of implementing the said approaches. Another firm, Consocia Advisory Pvt. Ltd. is paving its way in the industry by disrupting the process of how brand reputations are created and protected. Consocia is highly efficient at identifying issues and preparing the clients well in advance, prevention crisis from uncertainties, and mitigation of the negative consequences to every possible extent. The magazine’s cluster also includes an innovative approach describing how to search for a perfect candidate, described by an upcoming HR firm - Engage People Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is a professional company that helps other organizations meet their recruitment objectives. Also, GoPush Consulting LLP is a premier Sales Training, Consulting and Partnering organization for the IT industry, that has made its way in this issue of the magazine. GoPush offers customized solutions to improve Sales performance for the said industry. Reshaping and transforming the definition of innovation itself is one such company - Kognitivus Training and Consulting. It was founded with the sole purpose of helping people unleash their potential. Kognitivus helps businesses in building a culture that unleashes excellence. RapidQube Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a company deriving the digital world by offering Blockchain services with expertise in AI, ML, and Data Inter-Operability. The company is very good at addressing the complex needs of business organizations and providing the appropriate solutions in time. Insights Success is proud to present the incredible journey made by these esteemed organizations in the most elaboratively scenic manner for our readers. 

Apart from these stories, Pletra Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is featured as an interview with us. The company’s team shares with us how digital transformation is driving salesforce empowerment in an ever-changing business environment. In another interview with us, ASPM Consulting shares some insights on creating some technological breakthrough improvements and its plan to execute the same.

Insights Success also brings its readers two CXO standpoints from the key persons Anuj Kejriwal - CEO & Managing Director of ANAROCK Retail and Shobit Agarwal - CEO of ANAROCK Capital. Anuj provides a description of Property Technology which is taking the real estate industry by the storm. On the other hand, Shobit explains new financing alternatives for personal re-development in the standpoint.
The readers are in for a treat as Insights Success selectively brings the past, present and future expectations of the major game-changers in the consulting industry.              

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