Summer holidays are almost approaching and a large part of the people will soon enjoy a well-deserved holiday at home or abroad. Summer is also the time when burglars go out. The houses are empty and a large part of the police personnel are on vacation. How can you go on vacation with peace of mind knowing that burglars at your house don't have a chance to break in and take valuables with you? In this article we give the best tips for a safe home during your vacation.

Basic tips for a safe home

Of course there are some basic tips that you can follow during your holiday. First, it is important that the house makes an inhabited impression. It's nice to come home in a completely tidy house after your holiday, but burglars can also see this. Therefore, leave empty glasses, a book and, if necessary, a cup of nuts on the table, leave a light on, ask family or neighbors to empty the mailbox and to keep an eye on things and make sure that windows and doors are properly closed. While these tips can certainly help deter burglars, it of course offers no guarantees whatsoever.

Use smart home equipment to keep your home safe

Smart home security systems and equipments are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Where the choice used to be limited, nowadays there are more and more smart products available for people to make life easier and safer. The smart home security products are also increasingly affordable. When it comes to a safe home, you can choose from dozens, if not hundreds, of different products. Smart cameras, motion sensors, video doorbells and security lighting are the products you can use to keep your home safe while on vacation. Although smart home security systems also offers no warranty, a burglar will really flee immediately as soon as the alarm monitoring system sounds through the house. Make sure it is clear that your house is secured, so that burglars quickly go through a door.

An illuminated house is a safe house

It is not for nothing that a burglar usually goes out at night. This way the burglar is hidden from curious neighbors and passers-by. A well-lit house is therefore absolutely not preferable to break into. A simple timer can already help to turn the light on and off at preset times. Do you want a little more control? Then you can also go for smart light switches that can be controlled by voice, via an app or a motion sensor. The motion sensor is particularly useful when you are on vacation. As soon as movement is detected, the light will switch on.

A regular outdoor lamp that works with a motion sensor can already help deter burglars, but smart outdoor lighting is also possible for a safe home and offers just a bit more options. Philips will soon be offering Hue outdoor lighting. But the Arlo outdoor smart home security light and the ring floodlight cam are already available. Both of these products are special outdoor security lights. Both products are equipped with a camera, or can work together with cameras and other security products. You will immediately receive a notification on the smartphone and you can communicate directly via the intercom and speaker with the unwanted visitor.

Secure the house with smart security cameras

Now that the house is lit both inside and out at the times you want, it's time to take a look at the security cameras. If a cheeky burglar breaks into your home, it is useful that we have the crook immediately on the screen. Smart security cameras inform you immediately about all events in and around the house. Some products also allow neighbors to receive notification. This is especially useful for people on holiday, so that neighbors can immediately take a closer look.

There are not only separate security cameras for sale, but also cameras in a package with other useful security accessories. As soon as the alarm monitoring goes off, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone and you can view the images live.

Complete alarm Monitoring systems

In addition to a safe house, do you also want to make a complete smart home and automate various processes in the house? Do you want a bit more options in the field of security systems? Then take a look at the smart alarm monitoring system. These complete systems consists of various sensors, sirens, cameras and accessories and has both HD Outdoor cameras and HD Indoor cameras in the range. The products can be used both without and with a subscription, which gives you a little more security, safety and flexibility in the latter case.

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Misty Jhones