Nowadays, our life has become so hectic that even though we know how important it is to take care of our health but still have so many excuses by not doing anything for it. We either get too busy or don't know where to start, we are not motivated enough or get too lazy to start with it. Remember it’s better to start than regret later. Thus, more the physical activity we do, the more healthier we'll be.

For good health and fitness, yoga is the best way to be put into practice daily. It provides both mental and therapeutic benefits that helps combat illness and reduces stress. It also helps to improve muscle tone and increases your energy, stamina, strength and flexibility. Doing it regularly will make you feel good and you will think more positively and there will be a much more fresher outlook on life.

Practicing yoga is a way of life that combines the means of harmonizing the body, mind and spirit. It includes a series of postures, physical movements, breathing exercise and meditation. Thus, on a physical level it improves the flexibility, strength, balance and combats illness, reduces stress and tension. Moreover, it decreases stress and boosts up energy which makes you feel better and confident.

How Different Types of Yoga Are Beneficial ?

There are different yoga poses and breathing exercises that you can add up in your daily routine as it the best way to relax your body and mind. Different types of yoga such as Hatha for beginners develops flexibilty, Vinyasa for weight loss includes sun salutation bending and stretching asanas, Iyengar for neck and back problems provide strength to muscle and joints, Bikram loosen your muscle and build flexibilty, Kundalini for the inner peace gives you a spiritual experience and energizes the body, Ashtanga for core strength and toning the body.

Many of you might feel that doing yoga is just stretching but it can do much more for your body, the way you feel, look or move. For doing yoga, you don't need any equipment,a yoga mat is enough as it provides stability and helps you remain focused. The mats are non slippery which gives you a comfortable stretch and prevents the body from slipping. The poses can be easily performed using yoga mats as they allow you to focus on energizing your body and improves your balance.

So, start stretching easily and practice yoga everyday at your own comfort for maintaining good health.

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