An engineering degree from a best engineering colleges in delhi is guaranteed to generate a handsome return on investment (ROI). A B.Tech degree from a top-level institute invariably translates into a high paying job with good career progression. Moreover, a degree from the best engineering college in Delhi NCR is a highly prestigious scroll that can open new vistas of opportunities for you.

A seamless combination of prestige, power, and sound payment makes engineering an irresistible career option for a large number of students. The popularity of this stream can be gauged from the fact that each year over a million students sit for JEE—a highly competitive exam that paves the way for admission to prestigious IITs(Indian Institute of Technology) and related engineering colleges.

The hullabaloo surrounding the engineering profession, however, has certain very distinct demerits to it. First and foremost, everybody wants to jump onto the engineering bandwagon despite lacking the skill sets or aptitude to become a successful engineer.

Parents, teachers, counsellors and various articles printed regularly in magazines and newspapers give the impression that there is no world beyond that of engineering. This leads many to believe that the engineering profession is for just about anybody. As a result, more and more students are declaring, "I want to be an engineer!"

When asked about their choice, some aspirants come up with rational answers that show they have the requisite skill sets, problem-solving capabilities, analytical abilities, and aptitude to be a good engineer. However, a vast majority are unaware of the reasons for becoming an engineer. They think that since engineers are paid well, they too must become an engineer.

Things like, “My parents say that I can earn tons of money after becoming an engineer” or “My uncle who is an engineer told me that engineers are never out of job despite economic upheavals and sluggish growth”. 

Carry out some prior research

There is absolutely no point in taking admission in an engineering school and realizing mid-way that you are simply not cut out for the job. It will save a lot of time, money, and grief if you are clear about your priorities and interests. If you think you want to be an engineer, it is strongly recommended that you carry out some prior research about various engineering streams and whether they sound good to you. There are dozens of engineering majors like Civil, Mechanical, Computer, Electrical, Agriculture, Chemical, Aeronautics, Industrial, Manufacturing, etc.

It is most likely for a well-established engineering school to offer all or at least the majority of the above-mentioned streams. You can visit a college or a university to find more about different majors that are offered, whether it sounds interesting to you and what the training teaches students to do among other things.

Additionally, you can also talk to students on the campus or reach out to the alumni for feedback. In any case, the understanding of the features and facilities available on campus must be verified for authenticity.

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