Chronic prostatitis is a common disease in men. It can cause not only the discomfort of urination, such as frequent urination, the urgency of urination, endless urination, and bifurcated urination but also the pain in the abdomen and perineum. It also causes functional problems of men. The most common is erectile dysfunction.

At present, the mechanism of erectile dysfunction caused by chronic prostatitis is complex, including blood vessels, nerves, endocrine, and psychological and other aspects, so the treatment is idifficult.

The current research focuses on the following elements:

1. Arterial insufficiency

The health of the male function is sufficient blood filling. If there is lacking blood supply, erectile dysfunction will appear. All kinds of pain and other manifestations of chronic prostatitis can lead to pelvic floor muscle spasm, which is bound to cause the decrease of blood flow in the basin and induce ed.

2. Endocrine causes

It has been found that chronic prostatitis can lead to the decrease of serum testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate. And the increase of estradiol and other estrogen levels will affect male function from the hormone level.

3. Neurogenic factors

It should also mention the pathological change of pelvic floor spasm, which can cause blood redistribution and local nerve conduction damage.

4. Role of inflammatory factors

Chronic prostatitis will lead to increased secretion of various inflammatory factors, which will interfere with the expression of various vital enzymes and eventually cause ed.
5. Psycho mental factors

Chronic prostatitis is a kind of chronic disease, which is challenging to treat and easy to recur. If you get chronic prostatitis, it will inevitably lead to the patients' psychological imbalance, various anxiety and depression. These psychological factors often affect the other factors mentioned above.

In a word, the above factors often affect each other, interweave into a network, and cannot be separated independently. The interaction of various mechanisms of action eventually leads to more complicated treatment.

Although chronic prostatitis is difficult to treat, it is not hopeless. Traditional Chinese medicine has unique advantages in treating chronic prostatitis, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can penetrate the prostate, repair damaged tissues, remove toxins and restore the reproductive system. The drug guide in this medicine can not only eliminate symptoms but also cure the disease without recurrence.

In addition to medication, some habits in daily life are also important.Such as drink more water, have moderate sexual intercourse, more relaxation and more exercises.

Chronic prostatitis can cause erectile dysfunction, which makes the treatment more difficult. But it can be cured as long as the active treatment is combined with daily care.

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