Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which you cannot get enough satisfaction because you do not have enough erection or cannot maintain an erection.
ㆍ in general, erectile dysfunction is regarded as a case where sexual life is impossible due to no erection at all. However, this severe erectile dysfunction is less than 10% of the total erectile dysfunction. Most cases are caused by a serious illness or older than 80 years. Most people with erectile dysfunction often have problems with their erections. More than half of South Korean men over 40 are reported to have erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a common disease that anyone can get and needs treatment after consulting a doctor.
Prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction As
Environmental pollution becomes more severe and western diets become more erectile, erectile dysfunction increases rapidly and the age group is also decreasing.
According to the US statistics, the incidence of erectile dysfunction, which was about 1% in the 30s and about 3% in the 40s, showed a remarkable increase of 40% to 40s, according to a 1992 Massachusetts Male Aging Study (MMAS) report. After the 50s, nearly 60-70% has erectile dysfunction. Similarly, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction is reported in Korea. According to regional epidemiological surveys in rural and rural areas, 52.5% of men over 30 years of age complained of erectile dysfunction, which appeared to increase with age. In other words, they were experiencing impotence in 14.3% in their 30s, 26.2% in their 40s, 37.2% in their 50s, 69.2% in their 60s, and 83.3% in their 70s.
Causes of
Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction occurs as a result of psychogenic (mental) causes or organic (physical) causes. In the past, most of the patients were thought to have a mental cause, and they were often troubled by themselves or rely on folk remedies because of shame or pride. However, entering the 1970s and '80s, most of them were identified as physical causes. Recently, with the advent of advanced diagnostic equipment, research on the cause of erectile dysfunction and the diagnosis and treatment has been remarkably advanced. As a result, the cause of erectile dysfunction, which accompanies adult disease, is also revealed, and you can enjoy satisfactory and enjoyable sex life with proper treatment. Let's look at the causes of erectile dysfunction more information.
Causes related to living environment
Smoking, excessive drinking, obesity, trauma, stress, aging, etc.
Side Effects of Drugs The
Treatment of hypertension, antidepressants, neurostabilizers, diuretics, and anticancer drugs commonly used in treatments varies depending on the person, but may cause sexual dysfunction. This can lead to erectile dysfunction, inability to ejaculate, and loss of libido. If you have had any of these symptoms after taking a new treatment, you should talk to your doctor instead of stopping the medication yourself.
Any procedure that directly affects nerve control of the penis, blood supply, and penile structures may be associated with erectile dysfunction. All types of brain or spinal nerve surgery, large vessel surgery, and pelvic surgery can significantly impair erection function, and psychological factors after major surgery can also reduce erection.
Mental causes
Fear of sexual behavior, depression, and problems with your partner are mental causes. In these cases, symptoms may appear with a particular spouse or in special circumstances. Erectile dysfunction due to mental causes is most common in young men, and older people are usually caused by physical factors.
Treatment for erectile dysfunction
Examples of severe adverse reactions are difficult to see and may include local pain, headache, redness at the site of injection, swelling at the site of inoculation, and malaise visit our website.

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Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which you cannot get enough satisfaction because you do not have enough erection or cannot maintain an erection.