If you are looking for a successful career in the android development industry, you should train yourself with a variety of skills. We have compiled a list of expert skills you must have if you plan to pursue a career as an Android developer. Most companies demand their prospective employees to possess these skills. With 2020, just starting your proficiency in the below-mentioned skills can define your career or at least offer a well-deserved paradigm shift.

Here are seven essential skills you need to succeed as an Android developer.

1.Fundamentals of XML, Java, Kotlin, and Android

For android application development, you must start with learning the fundamentals of programming. Having your basics right is the primary requirement. You should know concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). It would be best if you work on understanding the core philosophies of eXtensible Markup Language (XML), which helps in writing Android layouts. Apart from XML, You must know the core concepts of Kotlin or Java. I would recommend Kotlin for technological reasons, which I would discuss in another article. It would help if you also work on understanding the core android framework, components, and working.

2.Knowledge of Android Studio,SDK and APIs

Android studio is official IDE for android application development. As a first step, you must start learning Android Studio IDE and familiarize yourself with its features and working. It would help if you also focused on the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). An Android SDK consists of platform tools, build tools, SDK tools, Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and emulator. SDK helps in testing, debugging and packaging of apps. You can optimize the functionality of your apps using some inbuilt as well as external application programming interfaces (API). Android API Levels indicates the version; for instance, API level 28 is the Android Pie Version. It would help if you also had an understanding of API packages. An API Packages are a set of software libraries that helps in extending functionalities of apps. Knowledge of both API Level and Packages can help you become a good android developer.
3.Understanding of User Interface and User Experience

Android application developers are bound to be a full stack developer. You must know all the concepts of application development, including designing, coding, testing, deploying, and maintaining. Building an android User interface is very simple. You can use the android studio`s inbuilt layout editor to drag and drop elements. You can even customize it through options pane. To enhance the user experience you can import external themes and layouts. You can design your theme through XML as discussed in point 1. To have expertise in these technologies, you should also opt for any android training course, which covers all the mentioned points in their curriculum.

4.Basics of Security, Version Control and Testing

Security is an essential aspect of any application or tool. You must know how to make your application secure and hassle-free. It is a challenging task, but the more skills you possess more is the reward. To secure your android application, you can also use various software libraries that can enhance the security of the application. You should even know source control management. Android studio, for that matter, provides git for efficient version controlling. You can also use Bitbucket, which is also a part of the android studio pre-built features. Android studio provides many testing tools like JUnit and monkey. There are other tools as well which can help you in all kinds of testing.

5.Basics Database and Firebase

An android backend consists of two parts 1. Database and 2. Coding. A typical Android app stores its data into the SQLite database. Nowadays, there is a growing trend in using Google firebase`s real-time database. You should know both of them. You can also use the firebase to provide an authentication mechanism for your application. Firebase has other vital functionalities that can aid in faster app development such as ML Kit, Cloud Storage, Hosting, Cloud Firestore, alongside performance monitoring and marketing/analytics toolsets.

6.Basics of Design Patterns and Cross-Platform

These skills are not specific to any programming language. Having these skills can help you not only be a proficient android developer but also be a good developer in general. It would help if you worked on understanding the most crucial concept of software engineering – Design patterns. A design pattern in layman’s term means a reusable solution for commonly occurring problems. It helps in reducing code correction hassles and increase productivity. Knowledge of cross-platform application development is also not compulsory, but it can help you grow faster in your career in terms of both opportunities as well as good pay.

7.Non-Technical Skills

Much like cross-platform and design pattern skills, non-technical skills are not compulsory; however, having these skills can boost your career. You must have sound logical thinking and reasoning skills to identify the problem and find the optimum solution in less amount of time. Moreover, you must work on your interpersonal as well as communication skills.

The reason why you should learn both technical and non-technical skills is to kill two birds with a single stone.

1.To be good at the development and designing of a standalone or a cross-platform application and

2.Present your application in a better manner before your target audience.

If you are well versed with all of the above points, you have covered much ground to be a proficient android developer.

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Hello everyone, I am anannya Agrawal. I have 3.5 years of experience in the field of application development. I am a professional trainer for mobile and web application development.