Are you fade up of sofas or single beds or double beds? Looking for a more comfortable, less spacious, stylish and portable bed? Then search no more because divan will solve all your problem. Divan beds and sofas are one of the most famous and space saver furniture pieces. They typically ensure comfort and style. Traditionally, diwans were called as the armless sofa, but nowadays a divan bed is a box spring based bed just like a couch and are available in different styles, sizes and shapes. They got this name because they were usually found along the walls in the middle east.

Divan sofa and bed involves a wooden or metal bed frame which is fitted with box springs, and a mattress is put on top of the box. They can also be used for storage if chosen with drawers. So before owning one such sitting cum sleeping furniture piece, have a look at some tips for buying to have a modern or traditional look.

1.Consider the space: Divan furniture come in various styles and sizes. So measure the room space along with the height, length and width of the divan. The size of bed and mattress plays a very crucial role to provide a comfortable bed. So choose the divan that should not block the other furniture in the room and provide comfort to the room.

2.Consider the Style: A lot of styles and types of divans are available online like traditional style wooden divan, modern style divan bed, poster divan, divan with storage and much more. Classic style divan is designed for comfort and have detailed designs and foam mattresses while the contemporary ones are sleek in style and have geometrical shapes which work well in minimalistic rooms or ultra-modern living spaces. Thus select the style which completely complements your interior decor along with your lifestyle.

3.Consider the type of base: When deciding on the which divan is best for you, you need to consider the base type of the divan. Platform top bases contain no springs, and the mattress is resting on a stable platform which makes for a firmer sleep system. A pocket sprung base provides a slightly softer feel and comfort as it has large springs sewn into individual fabric pockets. A firm edge divan has a spring base which is surrounded by a wooden frame, which provides added strength and keeps the springs in place. Link base provide space for two persons. Thus choose the divan sofa according to your need and comfort.

4.Consider Mattresses: The base is important, but the choice of the mattress has far more impact on the level of support and comfort provided. Mattresses include open spring, pocket sprung, and memory foam. A standard open spring mattress is the least expensive mattress and has wire stitched into the mattress border to help it to maintain its shape. Pocket sprung divan mattress are very attractive and have the springs which are sewn into individual pockets and are not entwined which means that they move independently of each other. Memory foam mattresses are made from visco-elastic, and they move and shapes according to weight and body heat.

5.Budget: Don't forget that you will be using your divan every day for the foreseeable future. So think about the budget, quality and day-to-day use before purchasing a divan furniture.

Divan sofa and beds have a lot of attributes, but their key benefit is their comfort and space. They are an absolute furniture piece for those who are looking for storage and multi-functional furniture piece. They also come with a significant amount of styling options. Thus you can maintain your decor with comfortable seating and healthy sleeping.

Before deciding on a divan, look into certain features like size, design, base and price because investing on a wrong divan will reward you with many health issues along with the ugly interior decor. So, to maintain a healthy state of body and mind, it is essential to research, as much as possible, about the qualities of a perfect divan bed and only then buy the perfect one. It is obviously, not feasible economically to buy diwan furniture now and then, which gives a stylish and comfortable environment for your home.

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